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User:voodoo_maman (41289)
Lisette Justine Cavalier
Voodoo Maman
Website:Crecent City Institute
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
FULL NAME: Lisette Justine Cavalier
NICKNAME(S): Lis, Maman Lisette, Mama, Voodoo Queen
AGE: 18
DATE OF BIRTH: August 18, 1992
HOME TOWN: Bayou Chene, LA
SEXUALITY: Bisexual, but she leans heavily toward the female persuasion.
BLOODLINE: Pureblood
YEAR: Junior
HOUSE: Lalaurie
WAND: Sturdy 10.5" Cocobolo with Boomslang Venom core
FAMILIAR: Ozee- A black cat.
BOGGART: Isa's death.
PATRONUS: Burmese Python
1. Cultural Magic (E)
2. Ritual Magic I (E)
3. Charms/Wandwork
4. Latin
5. Transfiguration
6. Defense Against the Dark Arts
7. History of Magic
8. Wandless Magic I (E)
The first thing one notices about Lisette is her black hair. It is often so disheveled as to be distracting. She does brush it and take care of it, but for one reason or another, it doesn’t appear that way. It generally holds a slight curl to it, making it a messy mass of waves that generally appear stringy. Her eyes are such a deep brown that they almost look black. It’s difficult to see where the pupil ends and the iris begins. Her surrounding lashes and eyebrows are a black hue that match her hair. Because she doesn’t sleep well, she usually has dark circles under her eyes as well. Her skin is a rich caramel color that stems from some of the biracial heritage in her background. Across the bridge of her nose is a smattering of dark freckles. Pierced through the septum of her nose is a small gold ring. Although she is about 5’8”, she is very thin, almost sickly looking, and her clothes appear to hang off of her. When not in her uniform, she prefers tank tops and skirts. She wears quite a bit of jewelry, long strands of beaded necklaces, bracelets practically up to her elbow and dangly earrings, all of which she probably made. She wears very little makeup; a solid smear of eyeliner and some gloss across her full pink lips at most. Her bust is not especially large, but neither is it remarkably small. With her slender waist and knobby knees, she looks a bit younger than her eighteen years. If she can go barefoot, she will. She hates wearing shoes and socks and prefers to wear sandals if she has to wear shoes at all. She has a dark tattoo on her left shoulder blade that says “Isadora Marie” entwined with the image of a python. She also has a penchant for funky hats.
PARENTS: Laurent and Adele (nee Manzant)
CHILDREN: Isadora Marie
EXTENDED FAMILY: [Father’s Side] Ozee and Zamora Cavalier (grandparents, deceased)
Adolph and Cecile Cavalier (aunt and uncle), Rosalie and Elena (cousins)
Ines and Norwood Rousseau (aunt and uncle), Delia, Eugene, Virgil (cousins)
[Mother’s Side] Alphonse and Iris Manzant (grandparents)
Justine Manzant (aunt)
(Through her mother's line, she is related to Henriette Delassixe, a Voodoo Queen overthrown by Marie Leveau)
SIGNIFICANT OTHERS: Julien Soule- A 28-year-old man in her small neighborhood on the bayou who wooed her with promises of taking her away to a better life. He vowed that he loved her and would take care of her. That was, until she got pregnant. After she told him, he beat her so badly that she couldn’t see properly for three days and then he disappeared.

She also has a mad crush on Headmistress Pendragon, but rather than putting herself in situations where they might run into one another, she avoids her at all costs and never makes eye contact when they happen to be in the same room.
Lisette is, in general, withdrawn. It’s hard to know if she has a personality at all because of her inclination to avoid other people. She is a rather gentle soul once someone gets to know her, and she is fiercely loyal to her friends and family. She has a vengeful streak, brought about in the last few years, and she can cast a mean hex. She distrusts as a general rule, and it takes quite some time for her to fully trust someone, especially men. And to break that trust would be more or less a death sentence. Lisette is not generally mean-spirited, but she can hold a grudge and anyone who betrays her is essentially “dead” to her. She’ll never talk to them again, and they’ll be lucky if she doesn’t make a doll of them.
Lisette is not socially inept, but she cannot help but feel that people are out to get her, that they want to do her harm. So she warily avoids people unless she knows them well or has had pleasant experiences with them. On first meeting, one might note that she is quiet and keeps to herself, but that she is nice. To those who have wronged her, but not necessarily by breaking her trust, she can be quite mean. She will call names, cast hexes and start rumors. But if someone wrongs her, they can make things right again by apologizing and seeming sincere about it. She pretends to hate the popular students, despising their wealth or their ring of friends, their idiocy or their tendency to look at her wrong, but in all sincerity she wants to be one of them. She just doesn’t know how to go about it. She’s the weird outcast.

LIKES: Spinach, potato chips, snakes, indie music, red, hexes, Voodoo, Summer, cigarettes, Ozee, girls,
DISLIKES: Beets, soda, shoes and socks, yellow, sloths, liars, technology, the popular crowd, transfiguration
*She has difficulty with touching other people or other people touching her. She can’t stand it for very long.
*She twists string in her fingers when she gets nervous or bored. It helps her to think and to relax.
*She doesn’t drink carbonated beverages.
*She is adept at animal sacrifice.
*She's an insomniac.
*She has a child.
*She wants to be popular and have more friends.
*She is studying to speak parseltongue.
IN HER PURSE: Lisette doesn’t wear clothes that allow for pockets. Usually she carries a small satchel that she wears slanted across her chest. Inside can be found her lip balm, her cell phone, a small pouch for loose change, a small bottle of lotion, a small sewing kit complete with tiny scissors, a couple of tampons and a pen. There are also several different colored threads of varying textures, lengths and thicknesses that have been knotted, frayed, twisted or braided.
STRENGTHS: Intelligence- Lisette is a very swift learner and she understands much more than people give her credit for. She also has a love of knowledge and believes that it is the key to power and happiness. Loyalty- Unless given a reason, she is loyal to the end. She will not turn her back on someone or betray them if they are a friend who has earned her trust. Integrity- She is honest and trustworthy, she doesn’t dupe anyone and has no reason to lie because she doesn’t do anything she shouldn’t. Tenacity- She is adventurous and determined. She will see everything through to the end, never leaving things unfinished.
WEAKNESSES: Rebellious- She has a bit of a rebellious streak. She knows what she wants and she goes after it, even if it is not something her elders would condone. Popularity- Despite her quiet nature and her tendency to withdraw, Lisette really wants to be one of the popular crowd. She knows she is different and has opposing views than those of her classmates, but she still longs to be accepted by them. Hermitage- Lisette tends to cut herself off from those around her. She would rather spend time alone in her room studying than interact with someone on the fly. She needs to prepare herself for most social interaction and she will never give an oral speech or put herself in the spotlight. The exception to this is her work on the weekends. She puts on a very different front than what is seen at school. She is exuberant and outgoing in order to draw in customers. But for her it is all an act, something she must do to earn money. Trust- She now suffers from trust issues since her attack by what she thought was her boyfriend and lover, the father of her child. She trusted him implicitly and ever since his violent betrayal, she cannot bring herself to trust to willingly again. One must earn her trust over a long period of time. Sleep- Ever since her attack two years ago, she's prone to nightmares. She avoids them by not sleeping which ends up making her look even more sickly than her thin frame does.
STRONGEST SUBJECT: Charms and Potions
WEAKEST SUBJECT: Transfiguration
Life in the Bayous of Louisiana is different, especially for witches. Already there is a wariness and distrust of swamp people. Rumors of Witch Doctors, shrunken heads, evil spirited Voodoo practices and cult-like religions swirl around in the alligator infested waters. People fear what they don’t know, and with actual witches and wizards living right next door it’s hard to know anything. Laurent Cavalier met Adele Manzant at CCI when they both attended there in the late 80s. They were both practicing Voudoun and he was smitten with her drive and zest for life. They married straight after graduation and made their home in the swamps of Bayou Chene where they had plenty of space between their nearest neighbor and easy access to New Orleans.

Adele had too much ambition to be a homebody, and she and Laurent started a business that would cater to the tourists in the French Quarter of New Orleans. People flocked there for the food, the sights, the history, and the Voodoo magic they could buy. Most people wanted voodoo dolls they could stick pins in whenever they weren’t feeling particularly kind toward someone. And to make their customers happy, the Cavaliers obliged. They forged a reputation for reliable charms and potions, but they still didn’t make a lot of money since their charms were "muggle-safe". Money was especially tight after Adele became pregnant. She had a terrible time of her pregnancy and came to resent the child growing within her.

Lisette was loved and well cared for after she made her appearance in the world, even by her mother. But still Adele would rather be selling wares than spending time with her child. Laurent did most of the raising, teaching Lisette the early ways of magic and their religion. Snakes were an important aspect of their religion, and even knowing the negative connotations Parseltongue had on witches, Laurent knew the benefits of such language in Voodoo. He began teaching himself after he graduated from CCI and began teaching Lisette as young as five. Although she was quick, the language was difficult. Easier to understand than to speak as most languages are. Lisette grew up with snakes in her home and it was on them she practiced. She was also used to having other types of animals in the house to be used for rituals and sacrifice.

When she was old enough to know how, her mother and father took her out with them to sell their charms on the weekends. Her bright smile and innocent eyes drew in more customers than her mother’s beauty ever had and business improved. The Cavaliers knew they would soon have to send Lisette to school and that it would cost money. They began to save what they could, but it wasn’t enough and so they opened a stall in Rue Ge Rouge called “Cavalier Voodoo”. Here they could sell items they could not sell to the general muggle populace because of how heavily magicked they were. Witches and wizards alike knew that they could purchase a potion that would give an enemy cancer, or voodoo dolls enchanted with a mild form of the imperius curse. Items people wanted, but were too ashamed to make themselves, could be found within the doors of Cavalier Voodoo.

Adele decided that Cavalier Voodoo was a better place for her to work, and she left Laurent and Lisette to the tourists. They saved enough money to send Lisette to CCI and she attended her freshman year with little or no problems. She had a reputation against her already because of the family-owned shop in Rue Ge Rouge, but she made a few friends. She excelled in her classes and made her father exceptionally proud. During her summer break after her Freshman year, Lisette met Julien Soule. She caught him in the act of trying to steal their boat (although he claimed he was only looking at the engine because his needed to be fixed and he wanted to see how a properly working one was put together) and he charmed her into not only neglecting to tell her parents about the boat incident, but he also charmed his way into her heart and into her pants. She spent every free moment she had with him and he promised that when his trust fund came through, he would take her away from the swamps. He was a muggle and she never shared what she was with him.

Several weeks after her first encounter with him, she began to spot the signs of pregnancy. She skipped a period and her breasts were tender. She took a test, and sure enough she was pregnant. She wasn’t sure how to feel and before she said anything to her parents, she went to tell Julien. She expected him to be happy, to fulfill the promises he’d made to take her away from the swamps and give her the life she deserved. But instead he became so angry that he began to beat her. And he didn’t stop until she was unconscious. He thought he’d killed her, so he disappeared. She never heard from him again and she nearly lost her baby and her life. The beating was bad enough to ensure she didn’t see out of her right eye for three days.

The attack occurred a week before she was set to return to school, but she couldn’t go back with bruises and her parents certainly didn’t want her going to school during her pregnancy. Adele wasn’t thrilled with the idea of being a grandmother so early, but nearly losing Lisette brought her around to being more affectionate and attentive. Laurent was furious with the man who had not only knocked his daughter up, but beaten her severely enough to cause so much damage. But Lisette was despondent and sullen after Julien’s betrayal and had she gone to school, she would have failed the grade anyway, so they kept her home for the duration of her pregnancy and subsequent birth. The birth, however, was not easy. She gave birth at home with the assistance of her parents, and nearly gave up halfway through.

Once she heard her baby cry, however, it seemed to break the spell. The child was a girl that she named Isadora Marie. A couple of months after she was born, Lisette was ready to return to school. Her father and mother would raise her while she was gone, though she would be able to see Isadora on the weekends when they traveled to New Orleans to sell to the tourists. If anyone asked, she was her little sister, not her child. Though her studies were not as good as they were when she was a Freshman, Lisette still excelled at school, though she had become so withdrawn that the friends she’d made her first year were no longer her friends, especially since they were all now in a grade higher than she was. She expected questions about her year long absence, but no one seemed to care. Still, she was ready with a story about a family crisis if anyone asked.

Lisette lost herself in her schooling and her religion. She began to voraciously devour all the books she could get her hands on, even books she’d bought from Libris Tacitus. Having a family shop in the dark alley made it easy for her to slip into the darker shops and buy things unobserved. There was one book she’d purchased there that discussed Parseltongue and better ways of learning it. Like her father, she knew the negative connotations it had in the wizarding community, but it also helped her to perform rituals and ceremonies better when she could understand the snakes. So she kept this learning to herself, although she’s been known to say a word or two under her breath when faculty isn’t around to hear.

With Isadora in her second year, Lisette is now a junior at CCI. She goes to New Orleans on the weekends to sell the charms and potions and voodoo dolls her family business is known for, and she studies hard in the evenings. Ever since her attack, she’s had a deep distrust of men. Other than her father, she shies away from them, even the boys at school. She has discovered in the last year and a half that she much prefers the company of other women and though she hasn’t yet, she’s interested in trying a sexual relationship with one. Though, with the way she is viewed at school, that’s unlikely to happen on campus.
TALENTS: Hexes, charms, potions, Voudoun rituals, ritual dancing and chanting, cooking, jewelry making
HOBBIES: Making jewelry, smoking, studying Parseltongue, photography, reading, Voudoun rituals
PB: Zoe Kravitz
ICON CREDIT: www.hollow-art.com
INFO CREDIT: [splott [@] rp_tutorials]
Schools:None listed
People52:867_5309, aguas_santas, alittlevague, almost_famous, anastas, arioso, atotheb, babalon, cabotine, cantspell, ccimods, che_bel_viso, chuck_munroe, crescentcitynpc, drummerboy, formaldehyde, gimmeskittles, gregoire, hardluckwoman, howemuchtrouble, imperfectly, itsnotjessica, jake_frost, jools, learntofly, littleredd, londonloves, mad_hatter, meandmyuke, mightbeclever, molly_mormon, mustbecharming, mylollipop, nineofwands, petitechou, porcelinaofvast, redwritinghood, samtheman, sim, smella, soleada, studiesallnight, thatmachineboy, thatryderboy, traceur, turnonthebright, voodoo_maman, walktheline, wantsthesky, whodoo, xanvanren, yevgeni
Communities2:crescentcity, crescentcityooc
Mutual Friends:15: chuck_munroe, jake_frost, littleredd, mad_hatter, molly_mormon, mustbecharming, mylollipop, nineofwands, redwritinghood, thatryderboy, traceur, turnonthebright, voodoo_maman, wantsthesky, xanvanren
Account type:Early Free User

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