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User:thatryderboy (42786)
Malachi Ryder
Heavy rings hold cigarettes, Up to lips that time forgets

Name: Mark


Full Name: Malachi Sebastian Ryder
Nickname(s): Mal, Ryder, Chef
Hometown: Baltimore, Md (Birth-6yrs)/Memphis, Tn (6yrs-on)
Age and birthday: 18/ April 27, 1992
House and Year: Beauregard, 12

Electives & Schedule:
1) Latin
2) Advanced Divination
3) Defense Against the Dark Arts
4) Charms/Wandwork
6) Arithmancy
7) Ancient Runes
8) Art
9) Music

Wand: 10 inch, inflexible, Sequoia, Dragon heartstring

Boggart: A grey sedan with it’s lights turned off and gunfire coming from it’s opened window.

Patronus: Dragonfly - As a creature of the wind, the dragonlfy totem represents change. It's iridescent wings are incredibly sensitive to the slightest breeze, and so we are reminded to heed where the proverbial wind blows - lest we run into stormy weather. This mirrors the way Mal’s life has gone and the lesson he must heed to keep the past from reoccurring (he believes).

Animagus Form: (if applicable) No Animagi characters are being accepted until we receive more non-Animagi!

Religious Affiliation: Catholic (Although his mom is the only one who goes to services.)

Extracurricular activities: Cooking Club, Quodpot-Wide Receiver/Cornerback


Parents: Liam Ryder (dead), Michelle Ryder (nee Beausoleil)

Siblings: none (only child)

Extended Family:

Father’s side:

Grandfather- Quinn Ryder
Grandmother- Grace Ryder (nee Hogan)
Uncle Owen Ryder & Aunt Erika Ryder (nee Robinson), Cousins- Angelica, Kristen
Aunt Keira Perez (nee Ryder) & Uncle Michael Perez, Cousins- Giselle, Johnny, Lucas

Mother’s side:

Grandfather- Etienne Beausoliel
Grandmother- Nadine Beausoliel (nee Jensen)
Uncle Gabriel Beausoliel & Aunt Julia Beausoliel (nee Vaughn), Cousins-Nancy, Paul, Destiny
Uncle Julien Beausoliel (not married)
Aunt Joelle McKay (nee Beausoliel) & Uncle Stephen McKay, Cousins- Logan, Daniel

Familiar: Jackdaw named Astraeus


Sexuality: Straight

Significant Others: Although Malachi would like to have a significant other, he hasn’t had on that has really lasted very long. His longest relationship was with a girl from Memphis, named Giselle, a witch. He actually saw a future for them, because they were so compatible and she seemed to, as corny as it sounds, ‘complete him’. Everything was fine, as long as her family knew him as only Malachi Ryder. The problem came when her mother saw Mal in town with his Uncle Julien. When her family discovered that Mal had Beausoliel blood in his veins, Giselle was forbidden to see him again.


PB: Sam Way


Detailed Description: Malachi is 6’1” tall and has a lanky, muscular build. His skin is fair, dark brown hair is cut short, but worn long on top and his reddish-brown eyes are capable of a multitude of expressions. Mal has sharp cheekbones that frame his face and a large expressive mouth.

Style of clothing, when not in school uniform, seems to mostly run with jeans, tee shirts, wifebeaters, flannel shirts, hoodies, Chucks, Converse Outsider Boots and thermal shirts.

He has no tattoos, though he has thought of getting his father’s name tattooed on him somewhere. He has a thin scar on the side of his wrist where his father pushed him to the ground to save his life. If you are standing very close to Malachi, you can see that there are very pale freckles brushed across his cheeks and nose.


Likes: Girls, His friends, His family, Cooking, Cooking shows, Art, Art museums, Quodpot, Being in Control, Organization, Parties, Beer, Men’s grunge jewelry, Nascar, Muggle Football, Action Movies, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Metallica, Divination, Magic

Dislikes: Authority figures, Smartasses, No-alcohol parties, cheap/nasty-tasting food, Poseurs, Guns, Loss of Control, Losing (Quodpot or whatever game he’s watching), Having his good time ruined, Being corrected, Muzak, Being pegged as a ‘Bad Boy’


-Freaks at loud explosive noises (like weapon-fire).
-Has a foul mouth with his contemporaries, but can control it with adults.
-He loves his beer and will drink during a party until he’s numb, but he loathes drugs, because it was drug dealers that killed his father during a drive-by shooting when he was 6 yrs old.


-His Great-Grandfather was a dark wizard.
-He still deals with anger issues from his father’s death.
-He wants the wife, kids and picket fence one day.
-He let one of the guys of CCI give him a BJ after a party one night; he had just broke up with his GF and he was drunker than he’d ever been.

What’s in your characters pockets? Wallet, wand, old photo of him with his mom and dad, pack of Mentos

Strengths: Tough, confident, trustworthy, loyal, natural wizard, excellent chef, talented Quodpot player, romantic, caring, loving, organized, artistic

Weaknesses: Anger issues, foul mouth, alcohol problem, stubborn, jealous, possessive, control issues, pretty girls, a good meal, bad temper, his heritage, his mother, doesn't take good care of himself

Strongest subject in school: Advanced Divination

Weakest subject in school: Ancient Runes

One thing he/she can't live without: Cookware

Detailed personality: Malachi is, for the most part, a good-natured person, very practical in his approach towards life. He is unpretentious and always shows his true self. Trust and loyalty are two of Malachi’s key qualities and he expects to find the same qualities in the people around him. If there is something Mal wants, he will work tirelessly to get it; he has always been a hard worker. In a relationship, Malachi is sensuous, sexy, giving, practical and stable. He’s a romantic at heart and will go to great lengths to woo a girl (not that he wants that fact broadcast all over school). Contrary to the bad boy image, that has been thrust upon him, Malachi wants the ‘wife, children, home and white picket fence’ one day. He has a sense of humor, but doesn’t really laugh when others tell jokes…even if he’s amused.

Mal is extremely stubborn; he will rarely change his point of view and he sticks to what he believes is right. Though Malachi does not get angry very easily, he can have a bad temper if aggravated. An exception to this rule is bringing up the Beausoliel family name in a negative way or startling him with a very loud noise…these things bring on an instant rage, due to his buried anger issues, and will be dealt with by his fists. He, of course, regrets his actions later. Mal is very protective of any girl he is currently dating and will not leave her alone even when they are arguing. This may be attributed to the presence of jealousy and possessiveness in him. Beyond that possessiveness, Mal has a need to control all aspects of his life; he’s a creature of habit and likes organization. Without organization, he finds himself a bit lost.

He is truly a caring and loving person; Mal takes great care of his loved ones, but is rather careless when it comes to his own self. He doesn’t come to quick solutions and takes time to analyze situations, things and people. Though he may have a great many acquaintances, he has very few friends. However, when Mal makes friends, they remain with him for a lifetime. Mal truly values and appreciates his friends and has no problem letting them know how he feels. With strangers, Malachi is cautious and reserved, but kind and approachable, giving them a chance, but being prepared for the worst.

It has to be noted that in the past few years, Malachi has started to drink a bit heavily. He started, with the mistaken idea that it would lighten him up and make him more accessible to people. He knew that his Beausoliel family name and his temper flare-ups were giving him a ‘bad boy’ image; he felt the liquor would ‘take off his rough edges’. It’s actually just added another tally mark to the ‘brooding-bad-boy- trying-to-be-good’ image. Friends who know him, know that Mal is a fierce Quodpot player, a talented artist and a passionate cook.

Personal History:
April 27, 1992 in a quiet suburb of Baltimore, Maryland, the Ryder family celebrated the first child born to Liam Ryder and his wife, Michelle. They named their son Malachi, meaning Messenger of God, because they felt he was exactly that, after the years they had tried, unsuccessfully, to have a baby. Malachi’s birth also eased the tensions in the small family, as Liam had begun to believe that they couldn’t conceive a baby together because Michelle was a witch and he was, what she called a muggle. Liam was glad to be proven wrong.

They were the perfect little family; Liam worked and Michelle homeschooled Malachi, loving every minute she spent with her precocious son. Mal was bright, inquisitive and full of energy. His favorite time was on the weekends when his father was off and they would go on family outings. The Inner Harbor, The National Aquarium, a trip to Washington D.C., the Baltimore Zoo; these were all favorite destinations.

One Saturday, when Malachi was six years old, the family went to The Walters Art Museum, one of their favorite places; they loved the Egyptian and Ancient Greek galleries and Malachi never tired of the armor and weapons in the medieval gallery. They took their time and strolled through the museum, stopping in the café, midway through, and even pausing in the gift shop for Mal to pick up a few souvenirs.

It was getting late in the day when they left the museum, but instead of walking to their car, Liam suggested they walk to one of the restaurants near Mount Vernon Place. Both Michelle and Malachi wanted to stretch their wonderful day, so they were all for an early dinner at one of the ethnic restaurants.

By the time they left the restaurant, evening was coming on and it was getting dark. The city was starting to come alive with people out for Saturday night fun, dinner, movies, clubs. Liam led his family down the side street where his car was parked and tried to ignore a few shady characters, loitering on the steps of a row home between them and their car. As they came close to the men on the steps, Liam saw the look of shock on their faces and the men started to scramble; turning, he saw a grey sedan, lights off, drifting slowly toward them and the window down. Everything seemed to go in slow motion; Liam heard explosions and angry voices and the sound of glass breaking. He threw his wife and child to the ground and then there was pain.

The first clear memory that Malachi had of that night was being wrapped in a blanket and taken into an ambulance with his mother, her being treated for a head injury. He wanted his father. He was scared and his mind flashed to that car and his father’s body on the sidewalk; hazy thoughts…no details…just flashes. He screamed for his father…his daddy. His mother moved to him and wrapped him in her arms. Her grief would come later.

After Liam Ryder’s funeral, when all earthly matters were settled, Michelle took her son and moved back to Memphis, Tennessee, where her family all lived; it was here that Malachi grew up, surrounded by the magical Beausoliel side of the family.

Ever since his father’s death, Malachi has had a deeply buried anger in him that even therapy has been unable to shake loose. He is polite and even worshipful of his mother, but he doesn’t like to be patronized and if someone pisses him off, he is quick to resort to violence; he later regrets his actions because he abhors violence, like that which took his father.

His mother and Uncle Julien continued to homeschool him and he was amazed to see the extent of their magical abilities, when they began introducing magics into the lessons. Malachi was a natural, when his abilities began to surface. He was around eleven years old when an invitation arrived at the Beausoliel residence for him to attend CCI. He would be twelve when the Fall semester began and he was excited about meeting other kids, like himself. Actually, he was glad to meet any kids, because at home he spent all of his time with his mother and Uncle, maybe seeing a few cousins every now and then. It seemed that his family wanted to limit his contact with muggles, for their own good and he was being kept away from the children in the local wizarding community because of an old family secret (which wasn’t much of a secret, locally); Malachi’s Great-Grandfather, Guillaume Beausoliel, was a dark wizard. It didn’t matter that Mal’s Grandfather, Etienne, had helped bring the evil sorcerer to justice, the blight remained on their family name for some people.

Michelle Ryder worried about sending her boy off to school to be with other children, knowing he had anger issues and problems with authority figures; she knew he also had his Great-Grandfather’s blood in him. She prayed that it didn’t run strong.

I am not Sam Way. The character of Malachi Ryder is mine

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