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User:mylollipop (40888)
You are my lollipop
Sugar, sugar top!
Name:Ginger Elle McAvery

. g . i . n . g . e . r . . m . c . a . v . e . r . y .

Name: Ginger Elle McAvery
Nicknames: Ging, Gingey, Spice Girl, Dumb Chick
Birthday: Feb. 12th, 1994
Age: 17 years old
Bloodline: Pure-Blood
Residence: Las Angeles, California
Family Members: Alexander T. McAvery [father], Teagan S. McAvery [mother], Phillip P. McAvery, Alexander T. McAvery, Jr [Siblings]
Extended Family: Family Tree
Religious Affiliation: None
Political Affiliation: Pro-Popular and Famous
Relationships: Lots of ex-boyfriends.

House: Lalaurie
Year: 12th year
Best Classes: Care For Magical Creatures
Worst Classes: Charms
Classes enrolled in: Class Schedule
Extracurricular activities: Cheerleader, Dance Troupe, Book Worms (She joined to look smart. She mostly reads picture books while dressed like some important business person.) Events Committee, School Paper (Fashion Columnist/Gossip Girl type), Year Book (Cheerleaders have to represent),
Familiar: Thomas the cat.
Patronus: A will-o-wisp.
Animagus Form: She doesn’t have one
Boggart: Herself, only barefoot and pregnant.
Wand type: 7”, Whippy Ebony wand with a Niffler hair core.

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 119 lbs
Hair Colour: Bottle Blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Sense of Style: Casual still carries a big price tag. // But she rocks the sexy anytime.
What’s in your characters pockets? Lipstick, iphone 4, pocket brush. The essentials. The rest is in her tote, or backpack.
Typical Scent: Roses
Posture: Upright and tall, she’s rather proper in that respect.


Likes: Muggle movies, Muggle stars, muggle clothing, muggles things in general, cars, boys of all kinds, smart people, Katy Perry, California, West Coast things, Ireland because it is pretty in those movies, ice cream that taste like bubblegum, bubblegum, cats, cute bunnies, monkeys that play little music boxes with the men on the street corners, models, money, cheerleading, Amber, her best gay friend, Quodpot, professional cheerleading, the beach, guys with guitars, Santa Hats, hoop earrings, big rings, high heels, short skirts, army guys, older guys, strawberries, chocolate, ping pong tables, TPing houses, muggle games, people like her, really really smart guys that help her, really really strong guys that will beat up mean guys for her, luxury bathrooms, spas, guys with accents, Paris, Italy, Vogue magazine, fashion icons, fashion, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Prada bags, Alberta Ferretti, Vera Wang.

Dislikes: Homework, classes, math like things, being called a dumb blond, wearing jeans, being ignored, having to sit next to ugly people, charms, losing games, butch girls, man sweat, showers, not getting what she wants, being asked questions in class, having two older brothers, Ralph Lauren, Wal-Mart, Miley Cyrus, Dancing With the Stars, not being called pretty, assholes, jumping jacks, playing word games, having to wait until she is 18 to own a car, Jumba Juice, cold rain, huge freaking bugs, her brothers’ sense of style, games that don’t have cheerleaders, people that don’t like cheerleaders, people with poodle like hair dos, not getting manicures on time, video games that are too complicated, scary movies unless a boy is there to hold her.

Quirks: ++She sleeps with long toe socks because her legs get cold, but she thinks toe socks are really weird to wear with shoes and such.

++ She text herself funny things throughout the day to remind her of them later on. Mostly so she can post about them on her journal, but also because she tends to forget anything not directly in front of her.

++ She can quote Clueless, and pretty much every one of the Bring It On Movies. Face it, those are some of the best movies ever.

++ She puts her left shoe on first and takes it off last, all the time. Don’t ask her way, it is just this thing she does. Sort of like she puts the left arm in first, or the left leg, etc.

++ She dots her I’s with little hearts, and signs her name with stars and hearts. If she could do it with scented paper, she’d be even happier about it.

++ Been known to ‘txt speak’ in verbal conversations, i.e.: “IDK, like my bff Amber, omg.”

Secrets: ++ She actually enjoys reading real, 400+ page books, but feels like people would judge her for it. So she hides it behind reading really shallow romance novels and magazines.

++ Ginger is obsessed with her weight, and will go on a diet if she feels or thinks she looks fat. As is she barely eats much of anything, and sometimes sleeps for long periods of time simply because she lacks energy.

++ She hates the feeling of being drunk, and always regrets getting smashed at parties. However, she feels like if she were to say ‘no’ to any offered drinks that people would think she was lame and not a partier like the rest of them. So she drinks, a lot.

++ She cried when she lost her virginity. Not because it hurt physically, but because it didn’t make her feel as wanted and special as she thought it would. It made her feel worse. The day after that, though, her boyfriend dumped her after having pressured her into sex. She was 14 and he was 18, and Ginger felt humiliated when he said she was the worst sex he’d ever had. Ashamed, she never told her parents about what had happened.

Strengths: Limber, personable personality, outwardly super friendly, happy personality, gymnastics, painting signs, really loud yelling voice.

Weaknesses: Being shallow, Charms class, making poor judgment calls, giving in to peer pressure, doing anything to be popular, selfishness, not making real connections with people.
Detailed Personality: Ginger is a shallow, immature girl who wants nothing more in life than to be thought of the bell of the ball. She has, on the surface, absolutely nothing of importance to give to life. However, that is really only a surface glimpse. In reality, she cares too much about what others think, and as such as low self esteem. This has given rise to a slight obsession about her weight, which might eventually lead to a more toxic eating disorder. For now she just counts calories, and eats only enough to keep her from passing out in the middle of cheer practice. This has caused her to suffer in other areas of her life, such as the academic world. She has a tendency to ‘zone out’ because she’s too busy thinking about how that girl two seats in front of her has hair that looks like a piece of chocolate cake.

Outside of terrible eating habits, she strives to be liked by everyone to the point that she will make terrible judgment calls if it means they’ll like her more. Be this sleeping with the guys, or drinking too much, or trying out some drug or another. She’s willing to do anything as long as she stays in the ‘it’ crowd. This stems from her family life at home where her mother has force feed her to do whatever it takes to stay popular and desirable. Teagan, her mother, has been a driving force behind a good bit of Ginger’s bad habits, convincing her that if she’s too smart or too fat that she’ll never find a boy that won’t cheat on her.

Ginger is also not sure if she’s happy or not, in life. On the one hand she had a lot of ‘friends’, on the other she doesn’t really know much about them. Her shallow personality leads to shallow relationships which place more importance on the things they share in common and less on things that matter. Such as how someone is feeling that day. She feels a touch disconnected from everything, sometimes staring off into space while wondering if she’s really such a vapid bitch as some people have called her. Ginger also knows that she’s far from the brightest crayon in the box, and has let that get in the way of her really trying to do well in school. She gets by, mostly by her own power, but she is okay with barely passing marks. After all, her future to nothing more than to be someone’s wife, right? So why should she worry about being super smart? She’s never thought of herself as anything but a future MRS. Major, and can’t fathom actually holding a real job down to save her life.

However, deep down she’s sweet girl, seeking to please others as much as she can. She wants to feel loved, and wanted, even if she just seeks it from all the wrong places. Most of all, Ginger wants to be useful in some way, but often feels a bit like she is in the way. Simple things make her happy, like flowers or actually reading a book (which she secretly enjoys a lot.) Someday she’d like to be able to be seen as someone smart, but not a rocket scientist she guesses. Just someone more and not ‘that dumb blond chick’.

Ginger Elle was born to an affluent Wizarding family with long lines of history that reached beyond the Americas and back to Scotland some two hundred years back. Over the decades, the family which had found new land on the east coast gradually moved west, settling at last in L.A.. From an outside view, Ginger’s life looks rather privileged, and full of love and family, but the reality is much different.

Alexander T. McAvery was a rich man who married for more wealth and not love, so it was little surprise to his wife, Teagan, after giving him two sons and a daughter, that Alexander paid no attention to her. He spent long nights with business partners, and long weekends on trips, and left his wife to do what a woman was meant to do- raise her children. However, Teagan felt a certain disgust for having been left with the sole role of raising their children, and by the time Ginger was three, they had a live in Nanny that stayed to care for the children. Then, like her husband, Teagan McAvery began to spend long nights out with her friends, and weekend trips to the spa.

So Ginger was raised by Margaret Wood, a squib that have the patience of a saint. She made sure that the children did their lessons, learned to read, were feed and held them at night when they were scared. In many ways she was their mother and their father both. A constant figure in her life, Ginger came to love Margaret with every fiber of her body, who was the only source of praise in her life. But when it was time for Ginger to leave home for CCI, Margaret left the house too. Heartbroken, Ginger cried herself to sleep the first night she spent at CCI, wanting nothing more than to go home and stay with her Nanny.

Still, she soldiered through her first year, passing each day with the promise that Margaret would return for the summer. She eventually began to make friends with the other students, found new interest, and her worries began to fade. At least until summer came, and Maraget never returned.

That summer, too, was the first time Ginger could recall seeing her father kiss another woman. She’d snuck outside to play in the pool after bedtime, and found that the pool’s hot tub was already occupied by Alexander and his mistress, Katarina. She spied on them from behind the largest bush she could find; too afraid she’d be caught sneaking back in, she watched. Only a mere ten minutes had passed before Teagan appeared, stumbling as she screamed at her husband drunkenly. Their argument ended with Teagan moving into the guest house, growing even more distant from her family. No more than a month following that, Katarina became a common face in the McAvery home.

For Ginger, this was a turning point. Her mother explained that men don’t love women that are fat, ugly, or old. She filled Ginger’s head with the ideas that a perfect girl was too stupid to know when she was being hurt, ignorance was please, and that wine was the perfect way to drown pains. As she grew older, and moved from the Lower Academy to the Upper Academy, Teagan McAvery’s insistence that she be popular and beloved grew stronger and stronger.

Ginger wasn’t praised, then, for bringing home good marks. Instead she was grilled about what clubs she was in, who she was dating, how many people wanted to be her. Teagan became a one-woman-army in getting her daughter on the Cheer squad, and making sure that she made all the right friends. In fact, it was Teagan who convinced her daughter to date her first boyfriend, an eighteen year old Senior on the Quodpot team. When Ginger had turned to her mother for advice on the relationship, she’d been told to simply give him whatever he wanted. That’s what a woman was there for. Teagan even insisted it would make Ginger happier, feel loved, and tighten their bond.

So when Ginger gave in to Eric Rosin’s sexual advances, she didn’t expect to feel as horrible about it as she did afterward. The following day, Eric broke up with her, telling her unkindly that he’d only stuck it out because he thought she’d be good. Instead, he claimed, she’d been his worst lay ever. When Teagan found out about the break up, she wrote Ginger telling her to try harder with her next boyfriend, and not to make the same mistake again.

Thus has been Ginger’s life, until lately. Now she’s between boys, and unsure if what her mother has been feeding her is really the best way to go about things. Only she isn’t really sure how to stop being, well, the person she is.

Physical description: Ginger is tall, which she both loves and hates. At 5 feet, ten inches and a barely there waistline it is easy to see how she could be a model or dancer in her future. Her hair is a natural light brown, but like mother like daughter – She’s an utter bottle blond, and would deny her true color all day long.

Being a bit of a fashionista, Ginger is among the best dressed when not in uniform. She’s always hip to the new muggle trends, and fully believes that the Wizarding world needs to invest in some of her fantastic fashion tips. Being a label-whore, though, she’s likely to judge anyone that tries to pass knock offs as the real thing. She also isn’t a fan of pants, though she will wear them. For the most part she believes a girl should work her assets- tits, ass, and legs. Those three things need to always been shown off- even if you are barely an A cup.

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