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4th-Aug-2011 05:24 pm - OMG PARTY TIME? RIGHT?
L.O.L. O.M.G.
So like, two awesome things guys!!! I'm totally Cheer captain text year. Sorry Amber <333 I know you wanted it. But I'm like waaaaay stoked, cos that totally means we'll kick Sonnier's butt, right?

Also! Like I got this totally great idea that we should have this epic bonfire on a beach and party like rock stars. I can totally arrange for people to floo into my house, and get like a party bus over to the beach. Guys, it'll be a total blast! Everyone should come!

19th-Jun-2011 08:49 pm - [Private to Self]
I'm just your average girl
I've gained weight since I started dating Sammy. A 140lbs? Ug, I look so fat in everything I wear now. And my favorite skirt is like, too small.

I googled like some diet stuff, and I found this:

“Thin Commandments”
If you aren’t thin, you’re ugly.
Being thin is way more important than being healthy.
You must do anything to make yourself look thinner.
Thou shall not eat without feeling guilty.
Thou shall not eat fattening foods without punishing yourself accordingly.
Thou shall always count calories.
The scale is everything.
Losing=Life, Gaining=Death
You must become thin.
Being thin and perfect are signs of true determination.

And some other pretty useful tips. I think I need to keep a journal too. I probably won't ever find thing stuff again, though, so I'm gonna save it here. Remember self, it is here.

OOC: Cut for Anorexic Tips. Trigger happy stuff? )
27th-Jan-2011 01:53 pm - ~*Private to Upper Academy*~
so like some douche bag got eaten or something? And the teachers are totally having us look?

what sort of school is this? cos like, I totally don't think I should trust my safety to some green haired troll. DX that's just not right.
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