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User:double_sticks (38133)

((Disclaimer: This journal is used solely for the purposes of roleplay, and thus is for fun and not for profit. I own the concept of Victor, but I do not own the world that he lives in or his face; they belong respectively to J.K. Rowling and Jesse Plemons. I mean no disrespect to anyone.))
Schools:None listed
People41:867_5309, alittlevague, anastas, atotheb, babalon, cabotine, ccimods, che_bel_viso, cookingcat, double_sticks, drummerboy, formaldehyde, gimmeskittles, gregoire, hardluckwoman, howemuchtrouble, ichbinsotoll, imperfectly, itsnotjessica, jools, learntofly, londonloves, meandmyuke, mightbeclever, mohawkbiatch, muttonbuster, news, petitechou, porcelinaofvast, samtheman, sim, smella, soleada, studiesallnight, system, thatmachineboy, timberrrr, walktheline, whodoo, willingtocheat, zombierobot
Communities2:crescentcity, crescentcityooc
Friend of:6: double_sticks, ichbinsotoll, muttonbuster, timberrrr, willingtocheat, zombierobot
Account type:Early Free User

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