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Lois Lane ([info]reporterofsteel) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2011-04-16 20:26:00

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A new beginning.
After ending things with Clark, Lois found herself uncomfortable at the Daily Planet.  It was strange to her; she'd always been able to do anything she wanted without much concern for the personal politics for things but after having been with Clark and having worked so closely with him--and not just at the newspaper--being there was both awkward and painful.  A few weeks after the breakup, Lois started putting out her application elsewhere and it wasn't long until she landed what appeared to be one hell of a job: PR executive for LexCorp.

A month in she found that she really enjoyed it.  It was a busy change of pace and she felt challenged.  And in usual Lois style, she was putting in long hours.  This was another long night in her office, handling the smaller details of a press release.  Someone else could have done it, but Lois was a perfectionist.  She'd do it herself.

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