DC Heroes

How Am I Alive @ 10:50 am


It’s a calm clear night in Georgetown. There seems to be a sense of peace to the air especially around a small secluded cemetery that the Hall family uses to lay their relatives to rest. One grave stone is a particular note, a crouched over winged man looking down and written on the stone says In Memoriam Donald Hall RIP.

Then suddenly at area around the grave shines bright with blinding white light for several moments before fading away revealing a young man lying on the ground in front of the grave. Slowly sitting up the look of confusion and shock on his face was possibly great than what would have been on the face of someone who had witnessed what had happen if anyone had been around to see it.

After sitting there for a while he got up slowly and walked out of the graveyard and into the streets if Washington DC. He walked around looking for someplace familiar where he could just sit for a while and figure out what had just happened to him.

While he wandered around he looked in a car mirror to get a look at himself. His face had aged not too much but he looked older than he remembered. The clothes he had found himself in seemed to match perfectly with the currently looks.

While he wasn’t sure about many things yet he did know one thing that he, Don Hall, was alive again.

After wandering around for almost an hour he found a bar he remembered his brother used to like dragging him to. Figuring this was as good a place as any to stop and think Don walks inside. When he does he hears a familiar voice that sounds like it’s about to get himself in trouble.