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Home Sweet Home (open) @ 08:16 pm


Gotham wasn't a nice town or a pretty one, but it was home and dammit it felt good to be home. Helena was very glad to be back and to be back to work. It was a little difficult explaining why she was gone, but it went reasonably well. She had also missed her own bed. A lot.

Most of all she missed being Huntress. The first night back she was in costume and out patrolling. It felt good to be doing something good again and to put Khandaq behind her. What the hell was she thinking sleeping with Adam? Getting married was keeping her word, which was very important to Helena, but sleeping with him was something else entirely. She really needed to get over this thing she had for the wrong type of guy. It got her in trouble more often than not.

It was the end of a patrol and Helena returned to her apartment. A drink, maybe a little reading and then bed.