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crossbowvixen ([info]crossbowvixen) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2011-05-24 20:16:00

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Entry tags:huntress, roy harper

Home Sweet Home (open)
Gotham wasn't a nice town or a pretty one, but it was home and dammit it felt good to be home. Helena was very glad to be back and to be back to work. It was a little difficult explaining why she was gone, but it went reasonably well. She had also missed her own bed. A lot.

Most of all she missed being Huntress. The first night back she was in costume and out patrolling. It felt good to be doing something good again and to put Khandaq behind her. What the hell was she thinking sleeping with Adam? Getting married was keeping her word, which was very important to Helena, but sleeping with him was something else entirely. She really needed to get over this thing she had for the wrong type of guy. It got her in trouble more often than not.

It was the end of a patrol and Helena returned to her apartment. A drink, maybe a little reading and then bed.

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2011-05-26 02:39 am UTC (link)
Of course, Roy is waiting for Helena in her apartment when she arrives. When he'd heard she was back home, Roy decided to come and check on her.

"You look happy. Being home agrees with you." he says.

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2011-05-26 12:20 pm UTC (link)
"What are you doing here?" she asked. "I don't recall inviting you over."

She removed her mask and went for some water.

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2011-05-28 06:06 pm UTC (link)
"Of course you don't, Helena. That's why I came by anyway to check on you." Roy says, watching her go to get some water.

"How are you holding up?" he asks.

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2011-05-28 10:09 pm UTC (link)
"I'm fine, Roy. There. Now you checked on me. You can go home now."

Helena really wasn't in the mood for company, especially his company.

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2011-05-29 01:16 pm UTC (link)
"Grumpy Helena is grumpy. Please don't tell me you /miss/ Khandaq." Roy says, not moving yet.

"How did patrol go?" he asks.

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2011-05-29 01:20 pm UTC (link)
"I'm glad to be home," she said. "I thought I told you to leave."

She took a drink of water and the gold band around her left ring finger caught some light and reflected it.

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2011-05-29 01:35 pm UTC (link)
Roy was about to take 'no' for an answer when he sees the gold band around her finger. For a moment, all he can do is stare at the ring in shock, followed by Helena.

"You...you married him. You really married him." Roy says quietly, trying to keep his anger in check. He'd sent the Justice League after her to /stop/ that from happening and she'd done it anyway.

"So why did you come back if you were so happy?" he asks.

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2011-05-29 01:42 pm UTC (link)
"I kept my word, Roy, to save your life," she said with a look that would make most men crumble. "And I wasn't going to let the JLA start an international incident."

"Adam let me come home because he saw that I was unhappy there."

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2011-05-29 01:54 pm UTC (link)
"The point of /rescuing/ you wasn't for you to throw your life away, Helena. I sent the JLA to save you because I thought Hal or Batman might talk some sense into you and get you to stop doing this. I was out of there. You could have left and Adam wouldn't have been able to do anything about it.

"Instead, you actually marry the guy. You don't think he let you go because he's really a nice guy that just misunderstood, do you?" Roy asks.

"He's playing you, Helena. He's going to let you stay here for a bit, then start 'requesting' that you come to him. Black Adam isn't going to let the Queen of Khandaq live in America for the duration of their marriage.

He's got royal heirs and things to think about." Roy says, before something occurs to him.

"You didn't sleep with him, did you?" Roy asks suddenly.

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2011-05-29 02:30 pm UTC (link)
"That is none of your business," she half growled. "You don't get it. My word is important to me. Once I give it, I don't take it back and I make sure I keep it. That's why I married him. Because I said I would to save your life. I would have been no better than the creeps we put away if I didn't keep my word."

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2011-05-29 02:43 pm UTC (link)
"So you did." Roy says quietly. He's not sure why that bugs him, but it does in a way he can't put into words.

"I didn't ask you to do that, Helena. What makes you think that /he/ will keep his word to you? He's up to something and you're playing right into his hands.

You are one of the smartest people I know and I can't believe how you're not seeing this." Roy says.

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2011-05-29 02:54 pm UTC (link)
"I said that's /none/ of your business."

Helena just glared at Roy. "Because so far he has kept his word and has been nothing but kind and polite to me."

"What /are/ you doing here Roy? If you're here to hear how horrible Adam was or to hear how grateful I am for your /help/, you won't hear those things."

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2011-05-29 02:59 pm UTC (link)
"I came to make sure you were okay, Helena, but clearly you are. You don't need help from anyone, because you've got it all under control." Roy says a bit snidely. He hated it when she got like this. They both knew her track record of trusting men who treated her like crap, but she didn't seem interested in learning from her previous mistakes.

He rises from his chair and heads for the door.

"Sorry to have bothered you." he says, turning to go.

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2011-05-29 03:04 pm UTC (link)
Helena didn't respond. She just turned away so she wouldn't have to see him go.

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2011-05-30 11:46 pm UTC (link)
Roy gets the door and stops, then turns around and crosses the room to Helena. He pulls her in to his arms and kisses her full-on, unless she pushes him away.

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2011-05-30 11:51 pm UTC (link)
Helena returned the kiss for about five seconds before she remembered she was married. She pushed Roy away and broke the kiss.

"I'm married Roy."

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2011-05-30 11:57 pm UTC (link)
"He let you go, Helena." Roy says softly. "What if he decides not to fight for you?"

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2011-05-31 12:04 am UTC (link)
"He will fight for me Roy and I don't want anyone fighting. That's not the big issue here. I said my vows to him in a church in front of God. Until I get an annulment or a divorce, I won't break those vows even if I were madly in love with you."

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2011-05-31 01:34 am UTC (link)
"So...you /are/ madly in love with me?" Roy asks playfully. "I knew it."

He chuckles a bit, but when he speaks again, he's serious.

"Helena, please don't keep this up." he implores.

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2011-05-31 01:59 am UTC (link)
"In your dreams, Roy," she snorted.

Helena sighed. "Keep what up?" she asked. "I am married, Roy. Until there's an annulment or a divorce, I will keep my vows."

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2011-06-02 01:27 am UTC (link)
"All right, Helena. I'll respect your marriage...for now. But I'm not going to let you stay like this." he says, turning to go.

"We've still got the rest of our lives to look back on this and laugh, you know." Roy says.

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2011-06-02 01:37 am UTC (link)
"What the hell does that mean? You're not going to /let/ me stay like this? It's my life Roy, not yours. Stay out of it."

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2011-06-02 02:01 am UTC (link)
"How happy will you be living on the other side of the world from your husband, Helena? Do you really think you'll be fine with a marriage in name only?" he asks.

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2011-06-02 02:20 am UTC (link)
"It's my life, Roy. I live with my decisions. The fallout isn't for you to fix or deal with. Me. Only me."

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2011-06-02 02:49 am UTC (link)
"I wouldn't be able to call myself your friend if I let you deal with this alone, Helena. Don't push me away." Roy says.

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2011-06-02 03:03 am UTC (link)
"I've had enough of you interfering in my life for awhile," she told him. "Let me deal with this. If I need your help I will ask for it."

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2011-06-03 01:58 am UTC (link)
"I guess I gotta live with that." Roy says, taking a deep breath. She really was pissed about that whole rescue thing. He still didn't get it.

It was like she'd /wanted/ to be there.

"Call me, whether or not you need me." Roy says, and this time, he walks out the door and heads off into the night.

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2011-06-04 11:31 pm UTC (link)
Helena stood there for a few moments and didn't move. Then she grabbed her keys and headed for the bar down the block. There were some drinks with her name on them.

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2011-06-05 09:28 pm UTC (link)

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