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mrcrankypants ([info]mrcrankypants) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2010-11-26 20:25:00

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A Business Proposition
Arthur had spent some time in Sub Diego making sure things were running smoothly. They had elections for mayor coming up and Arthur wanted to make sure they smoothly. They need to reestablish a system of government and get things running as close to normal as possible.

One thing had been weighing on Arthur's mind after talking to some of the citizens. They wanted a means to contact their friends and family on the surface. Electronics and water didn't mix well. Atlantis had the technology, but it was alien and he wasn't sure how it would be welcomed.

If there was a way to integrate surface tech with Atlantean tech, maybe a solution to Sub Diego's communication issues could be solved. There was also the issue of televisions and whatnot that humans were used to having.

Arthur pondered the problem for a bit before an idea sprang to mind.

He called a friend and arranged a meeting.

Arthur arrived early and grabbed a table. They may as well eat while they discussed the problem.

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