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heroes_baddie ([info]heroes_baddie) wrote in [info]dc_heroes,
@ 2010-12-10 19:37:00

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Entry tags:"birds of a feather", birds of prey, black canary, huntress, oracle, zinda blake

Who Are You?
The identity of the individual known as Oracle was something that had been eating at Calculator for some time now. He /had/ to know who Oracle was.

He had tried in the past to find the identity of Oracle, but each time he had been unsuccessful. There had been a few times when he had been close, but he had failed each time. He wasn't going to fail this time and he /would/ discover Oracle's identity.

His past attempts had been analyzed and he realized that his approached needed to change. Going directly after Oracle had failed, now it was time to go after her through the people around her. Calculator knew Oracle worked with some female crime fighters in Gotham and they would be her undoing.

He placed a call. He knew just whom to call.

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2010-12-11 05:55 am UTC (link)
The Huntress was out hunting. The streets of Gotham were always teeming with criminal activity and he was her night job to clean them up. The Huntress wasn't picking about what kind of criminals she stopped, but she did have a certain fondness for the Maggia.

The Huntress was perched on a rooftop and watched the streets below.

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2010-12-11 09:15 pm UTC (link)
Catman has been following Huntress for a bit, mostly because he likes the view. He's glad that he got assigned to bring in this one. She looks like a real firecracker.

When she stops to watch the street, Catman perches behind her on the opposite side of the rooftop.

"Let me ask you somethin'. Why do you bother with this whole good-girl act, Huntress? You're not like the rest of' 'em, so why play by their rules?

Besides, with a body like yours, you could really do anything you want." Catman smirks, readying himself to dodge the incoming crossbow bolt.

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2010-12-11 09:27 pm UTC (link)
"It's not an act," she said as she slowly turned around. "I really am good. Too bad you continue to be on the wrong side or you would get to see how good I am."

She slowly drew her crossbow. She didn't know what he wanted, but she had to be ready.

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2010-12-11 09:42 pm UTC (link)
"Whoa, let's not get all uppity." Catman smiles. "I wouldn't mind being on your preferred list, but I don't feel like getting shot."

He takes a chance and steps down off the edge of the rooftop.

"Look, I should be trying to take you down right now, but I wanted to get a good look at you first. You're better than this whole 'working for goodwill' gig. You could get paid a lot more to do what you do best and hurt people, Huntress." Catman says.

"Why don't we trade some information? I tell you about a some dope-peddlers trying to move in on the East End and you give me some info on Oracle." he says.

"Then maybe we can see how good you really are when all the dust settles." he says.

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2010-12-11 09:46 pm UTC (link)
Huntress laughed. "Why don't you just tell me who hired you so I can go kick their ass after I'm done kicking your ass?"

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2010-12-23 05:27 pm UTC (link)
Zinda didn't patrol the city in the same way Helena did. She had her spots that she visited, including the local VFW and American Legion to see the remaining troops, listened to the gossip making the rounds in all the dark places, and kept herself pretty much in a couple of different loops.

Her favorite part of the loop was a little flyboy bar near the National Guard strip. She'd been dropping in for so long that they'd stopped hitting on her and instead treated her like one of the guys. Despite her smiles, bawdy jokes and brash way of expressing herself, she had the air of a pilot who'd seen serious combat.

So when she appeared one evening looking tired and a missed streak of grease across her upper arm, a beer was automatically set on a paper napkin in front of her and a fresh bowl of pretzels slid in her direction. No questions asked.

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2010-12-27 02:18 am UTC (link)
Scandal had followed Zinda to the bar. She sat in the corner, waiting for the right moment to strike.

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2010-12-27 05:36 pm UTC (link)
The thing about a pilot bar was that strangers were noticed. The flyboys were gathering in knots around the room to dare each other to go over and take a look at the female in the corner and ask her out. Zinda was already a known factor. They'd learned long ago that she'd bite if and when she wanted.

The stranger looked she like could bite. Hard. Even Zinda was taking note in a curious but not really interested way.

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2010-12-28 11:12 pm UTC (link)
Scandal raised her glass slightly at Zinda, grinning at her.

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2011-01-01 03:39 pm UTC (link)
Zinda raised her beer in return. She didn't grin.

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2010-12-24 04:29 am UTC (link)
Dinah's patrol more often than not consisted of riding her bike all through the city and tonight as no exception.

That she had to stop because the bike was malfunctioning was and she parked at the mouth of an alley, wondering just what was wrong with her ride.

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2010-12-27 04:43 am UTC (link)
Deadshot had been pretty pissed off when he learned the job was a "bag and tag" deal, but he had grinned had he learned the identity of his target.

That grin was still with him, as he watched her through his single "scope-goggle". The enhanced view let him lock on to Dinah even as she sped along on her bike. He held a toothpick between his teeth, playing with it unconsciously. It was an easy shot to take out her tire, but less so with a custom silencer on his rifle. Still, he managed to put a hole through her tire without knocking her off her bike.

Girl who dresses like that knows how to stay in the saddle he thought, flicking the toothpick in his mouth as he watched her get off her bike, across the street. His crosshair hesitated on her shapely thighs for a moment. I could rock your world right now, and you'd never even know what hit you he thought quietly, his finger tensing for a moment on the trigger.

A sniper sight was like nothing else in the world. And Deadshot knew there was no greater thrill, no better turn on, no more satisfying moment- than deciding whether or not to take the shot.

I could end you right now babe. I could fucking END you. Forget my code, forget my contract, forget everything. Right here, right now, your life is MINE. He breathed shallowly for a few heartbeats, taking a mental picture of this moment in his mind, then released the pressure from his trigger. Slowly, deliberately, he moved to his left, to the second rifle set up. The rifle loaded with custom-made bean-bag rounds.

Never feels as good when you use protection, does it? he thought, re-acquiring his target. But in your case, I'll take what I can get he said, firing a single perfect shot at her right upper thigh as she bent over the bike. It wasn't just a cheeky way to make his presence known, with any luck, the hit would put the leg out of commission altogether...

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2010-12-28 04:48 pm UTC (link)
Dinah moved at the last second and Deadshot's aim was suddenly less accurate. The shot struck, but barely more than a graze. It was more than enough to let Dinah know she was not alone and for the moment, the bike was abandoned. She turned to look for her assailant.

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2010-12-30 04:55 am UTC (link)
"Bitch!" Deadshot whispered, as he aimed for Dinah's center mass and depressed his trigger. She's as good as she's supposed to be, she'll zero my position anyway. Might as well throw as many rounds at her while I can He only had half a dozen of the bean-bag rounds in his rifle, then he'd have to get in close.

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2011-01-05 03:08 pm UTC (link)
Getting in close was exactly what Dinah needed for him to do and after the shot grazed her thigh, she took flat to the ground, using the bike for as much cover as possible, denying her assailant the solid strike he craved while she sussed out precisely where he was.

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2011-01-01 11:15 pm UTC (link)
Helena woke to find herself hanging by her bound wrists. The rope was thick and very tight. Her feet dangled a good two feet off the ground.

She shook her head to try to clear the cobwebs from her mind. Whatever he had drugged her with was potent. She was so going to kick his ass for this.

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2011-01-02 06:01 pm UTC (link)
"It really didn't have to come to this, doll. All I wanted was a couple of answers to my questions and then we'd be usin' that rope for a different kind of fun." Catman says.

"Now, I gotta play hardball. Who's Oracle and how does this person contact you?" Catman asks, pressing the button to let Calculator in on the conversation.

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2011-01-02 08:46 pm UTC (link)
"In your dreams, Kitty Kat," she growled. "I didn't tell you earlier and I'm not telling you now."

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2011-01-03 12:57 am UTC (link)
"Look, this guy is not joking. He wants Oracle and he's going to get her. All you've got to do is answer some questions and you can go." Catman says.

"We don't have to be on the opposite side on this, Huntress."

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2011-01-03 01:59 am UTC (link)
"He can use online dating sites if he's that desperate for a girlfriend," Helena said. "Yes, we do Kitty Kat. I'm not going to betray anyone I know and I'll never be on your side."

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2011-01-22 10:31 pm UTC (link)
Dinah made a call to Barbara after she got away from the alley.

"So Deadshot tried to take me out tonight," she started. "I've got some information that I think you need to look at. Something's up."

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2011-01-23 10:33 pm UTC (link)
"Tell me what you need to look at Canary and I'll do it," Oracle said, getting ready to type in some information.

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2011-01-27 04:49 pm UTC (link)
"I'm actually sending it to your phone. Took a picture of the paperwork I found in his bag and sent it your way. I'm in a damn alley and Verizon sure as shit isn't fabulous here. Give it a sec."

She paused.

"In a nutshell, someone hired this guy to take me out and I'm damn sure the other girls have similar tails. You heard from anyone?"

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2011-01-27 05:00 pm UTC (link)
Barbara's phone went off, and she transferred the information into her console.

"I haven't heard from anyone, Canary," Oracle said as she scanned over the information given to her.

"...Damn." She rubbed her temples.

"From the looks of it, someone hired out Deadshot, Scandal Savage, and Catman, to go after the three most recent people to work with Oracle. Me. And those three people would be you, Lady BlackHawk, and Huntress."

Another pause.

"How far away are you?" She asked. "I need you to find Lady Blackhawk and come meet me at the Clocktower asap. I'm going to trace Huntress through the tracker I implanted in her mask. An

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2011-02-07 01:16 am UTC (link)

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