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Haruno Sakura ([info]goodwithscalpel) wrote in [info]last_stretch,
@ 2009-10-21 23:17:00

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in process; closed log
WHO: Sakura & Naruto
WHAT: So, supposedly there's movies and stuff and talk about their stalker. But then again Sakura knows he and Neji did the nasty. So. I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE???
WHEN: 13th of October
WHERE: Sakura's lair.

The storm had mostly passed. In the end, talking to Shino had been good for her. It had helped her calm down enough, especially after the news she'd gotten from Neji.

But now was when the uncertainty started to seep in. Naruto was supposed to come over for them to discuss the issue about their stalker or someone. She didn't know how to react to him. Shout? Ask him nicely why he never told her? Did she really even want to know about his sex life? Was she honestly interested in knowing all the people he'd banged? Definitely not. But then, if something had bothered him for ten months, ate at him for ten whole months, had he told anyone about it? (And there was that green monster) Had he kept it to himself? Both Neji and Naruto deserved a good punching for not saying anything--but they'd both gotten punched, so she had no rights. She really had no say in the matter either; it was their own life. And sex life.

And yet, and yet, the green monster persisted. It stepped on her conscience, and squeezed her heart hard enough to make it hurt, and settled in the pit of her stomach so she'd feel sick and uncomfortable and not even know why exactly. She wanted to get rid of him, really. Really, but she couldn't. And for that reason, she paced; paced up and down her small room, while waiting for Naruto to come. Paced and thought about how she would react, what she would do, what she would say. The only conclusion was she didn't know.

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