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marvelfan ([info]marvelfan) wrote in [info]promotions,
@ 2012-01-31 05:31:00

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This game is taking the Marvel Universe and offering it to the player. Take your favorite characters and go with them to preserve the peace that is threatened by agents of chaos. How they are played and how we get there is up to us, the players. We give you full creative license. It is all up to us, as the players.Now that we have most of the important roles filled some from the mutant group are greatly NEEDED,Beast and Forge for the x-men and Warpath and Archangel for X-force as well as quicksilver. His dear sister is looking for him. anyone else missing is also welcome. Looking forward to hearing from you.
[info]marvelversemod | [info]themarvelverse | [info]marvelverseooc

Premise | Rules | Taken | Bases & Places | Holds | Apply | Wanted

Were just a small community of people that just write about our favorite marvel characters for fun. We don't have over the top standards. If you can write and your friendly and up for active plot then this is a game for you. The mods don't play favorites and we don't bash anyone for how they write as long as the write and we understand it then it's just as good. We all do what we can to keep a good atmosphere and be as welcoming as we can. We are all just friends and we hope you join us. :)

The point in canon right now is based on the events page. A small synopsis on the game so far. The west coast avengers failed. Upon finding Captain America, The Avengers initiative was started again. The vision is currently shut down and being fixed. Stryker is being funded secretly by the hellfire club and apocalypse is for now, Working in the shadows with sinister.
That's the story so far.

Here is a list of character we would like to see in game. The fallowing are:


James Madrox



Stepford Cuckoos

Dr. Strange

Iron Fist

Silver Surfer


Daniel Ketch


Daimon Hellstrom


Jennifer Kale

Adam Warlock

Peter Quill (starLord)




Alpha Flight

Jean-Paul Beaubier


Shaman (Elizabeth)



James Hudson, Jr. Guardian



Jonathan Storm

Reed Richards (just a Warning to any potential candidates Sue is with Namor at the moment but that may or may not change.)


Wilson Fisk


Black cat

Mary Jane Watson

Pete Wisdom

Black Knight


Captain Britain

All of them are very important and all of them will receive plot as well as plot that is currently underway. Anyone is welcome if there are any questions leave them on this post or the holds page and we will get back to you with an answer asap. Thank you in advance.

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