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marvelfan ([info]marvelfan) wrote in [info]promotions,
@ 2012-03-01 19:21:00

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This game is taking the DC Universe and offering it to the player. The Justice League of America follow in the footsteps of the JSA. The Teen Titans, composed of several sidekicks of the JLA, is formed. Many foes native to earth pose a threat to the peace and order of many parts of the world in a world of uncertainty heroes rise to the challenge to meet them head on. How they are played and how we get there is up to us, the players. We give you full creative license. It is all up to us, as the players. Amanda Waller,Maxwell Lord,lex Luthor and other characters are more than welcome as well as Beatriz da Costa Also known as Fire,Aquaman(Arthur Curry),Flash (Barry Allen). Rachel Roth (Raven),Bart Allen II (Kid flash),Booster Gold and blue Beetle (ted Kord), Nathaniel Adam (Captain Atom) and we cant leave out the JSA Doctor Fate(Kent V. Nelson), Doctor Mid-Nite(Pieter Cross), Flash (Jason Garrick ) Green Lantern (Alan Scott). Any others are more than welcome. Looking forward to hearing back.
[info]leaguersmod | [info]thedcverse | [info]thedcverseooc

Premise | Rules | Taken | Bases & Places | Holds | Apply

Martian Manhunter


Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Raymond Palmer

Captain Marvel


Dr. Mid-Nite

Citizen Steel

Mister Terrific

Alan Scott

Kara Zor-El

Big Barda

Scott Free

Theodore Kord

Booster Gold


Black Lightning

Mari McCabe

Tatsu Yamashiro

Rex Mason



Kyle Rayner

Victor Stone

Lex Luthor



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