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GIVING THANKS WITH FIC? [Nov. 27th, 2009|02:44 am]


So. Someone once said "if it's shippable, Cella ships it". And I won't deny this. However my idea of shipping can vary from romance, friendship, crack, to violence.

I bring you drabbles, set in the Last Stretch 'verse. Could-bes, what-ifs, head canon -- whatever you want to call them. Maybe they happen, maybe they don't, maybe they never will -- I just wanted to write them.

And to answer your question: YES, I TAKE REQUESTS! Just remember that, this being AU, your character is your own and I don't know how to write it as well as you do -- but if you want a drabble from Sakura's perspective with your character involved, then go ahead and ask! :D And make of it what you will; shippy, unshippy, what-if, could-be, head canon. Et cetera.

title; a rush of silliness
characters; Shino, Sakura

It's past midnight, and they shouldn't be here -- she should be home studying, and he should probably be doing the same. Although, comparing both their tendencies, he's probably been studying for a longer time than she has. So, all in all, they deserve this break. Or better said, he needs to learn how to be silly.

Panting slightly, her cheeks still flushed from having the wind brush over them as she went on the swings just a minute ago, Sakura lets herself collapse on the grass hill on the riverbank, and stares at the sky, expecting him to join her. He does.

"How much of astronomy do you know?" she asks him, and sprawls herself like a cat in the grass, legs and hands all over. "I don't remember much aside from what they taught me in high school, but I'm gonna try to find Orion's belt."

There's a beat of silence, before he asks: "Why Orion's belt?"

"It's my favourite. So tightly-knit, on an equal level...sort of like a family. I don't know," she trails off. He remains silent, very much aware of all her issues regarding familial bonds and the like. A second later, she feels a pressure on the hand nearest to him.

Sucking in a breath, she dares to look down, and then catches his eyes with hers. He's holding her hand. Something twists in her stomach, her toes curl inward, and her heart starts beating faster. He looks at her with that inscrutable expression he always seems to have, and she has the biggest urge to close the distance...

She bites her lip, and looks away. Back at the sky. The sky is familiar and not confusing like he is being right now. I thought human contact made you uncomfortable. There's a blush on her cheeks that only accentuates when he asks:

"What's wrong?"


"You have that look..."

"Oh," she dryly says. "I forgot you were an expert on reading other's facial expressions." A beat. "It's nothing, I just had the urge to..."

A beat. Another. Another. Take a chance, her mind whispers. "Uhm," she hesitates, then covers her eyes with her free arm. "Kissyou."



She laughs loudly, embarrassed and thrilled, and feels very silly. So, all in all, mission accomplished.

title; some things never change
characters; Sakura, Sasuke

“It’s clean,” is what she says when he lets her into the studio.

She says it like she wasn’t expecting it. Like a lot of things that he does and says that are unexpected and directed at her; like all those things that make her do a double-take and mark the day in the calendar as ‘Sasuke was not a douche bag’ (even though most days it’s marked as ‘Sasuke was a douche bag’). Like when she has to give her old aunt a compliment during the holidays and all she can come up with is ‘you’re…neat’. It’s…clean.

“Of course it is,” he says, although he might as well be saying ‘Don’t touch anything’.

It makes her fingers itch to touch something, put something out of place, see how much it takes for him to get angry, or turn douchebag. That much she knows how to deal with. “So,” she breaks the silence again, and watches the pictures on the walls. “If it’s so clean, why the change of clothes?”

As with everything, Sasuke’s only answer is to give her a look that says ‘you should know better’, and make her feel stupid without even trying. She hates how he flusters her so easily. Almost lost in a sea of unknown -- so this is his passion, is it? -- she looks for anything that could keep her grounded. And finds it.

Or them.

“Oh, hey, tomatoes,” she says, and reaches out.

His hand clasps her wrist tightly, and his eyes dig holes into hers as he, with the uttermost seriousness, says “Don’t touch the tomatoes.”

And Sakura’s only reaction is to laugh. She’s found the thing to keep her grounded. “You’re still a dork about them, then.”

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