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by [info]evilhat
Description:Charm is a menu-driven, text-only, cross-platform client written in Python. It supports the full array of posting and editing options, can run in a polling check-friend-updates-only mode, supports multiple usernames and other various features.
Home Page:http://ljcharm.sourceforge.net/
Journal: Watch [info]ljcharm for updates.



by [info]thekonst
Description:centericq is a text-mode window-driven instant messaging application that supports many different IM networks, and integrates Scribbld support into its IM interface. It supports posting, watching for friend view updates, announcements about friends' birthdays, reading journals via an internal RSS reader and many other options. It runs under a variety of UNIX variants, Windows, and Mac OS/X.
Home Page:http://thekonst.net/centericq/



by [info]jerronimo
Description:JLJ is an interactive Perl client with numerous features, including friends-list checking, multiple profiles and several offline posting options. It can be run in a non-interactive mode for automated posts. Requires perl 5.002.
Home Page:http://umlautllama.com/project.php?ShortName=JLJ
Journal: Watch [info]jlj for updates.



by [info]sapphirecat
Description:SCLJ is a Perl program, based on the original Perl client by [info]bradfitz, which can be used to update your Scribbld from your Linux or BSD-based box. Requires perl 5.005 and the URI and LWP Perl modules.
Home Page:http://sclj.sourceforge.net/
Journal: Watch [info]sclj for updates.



by [info]koresh
Description:clive is a console-based UNIX client for Scribbld, written in C. It can be used in a number of ways: on a pipe (like a filter), interactively, or just as a command. It supports both file-based and command-line configuration.
Home Page:http://sourceforge.net/projects/ljclive/
Journal: Watch [info]ljclive for updates.


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