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by [info]thorshammer
Description:A Scribbld client for both PowerPC and 68k Macs. Phoenix works on Macs running anything from System 6 through OS 9; a Carbon version is also available for Mac OS X users.
Home Page:http://homepage.mac.com/thorshammer/phoenix.html
Journal: Watch [info]phoenix_lj for updates.



by [info]cryo
Description:iJournal is a client for Mac OS X. This client can auto-detect the music that you are currently listening to, if you are using iTunes or Audion. It also supports custom friends groups, friends list editing, and can periodically check your friends page for new posts.
Home Page:http://www.os10.org/osx/iJournal.html
Journal: Watch [info]ijournal for updates.



by [info]fraserspeirs
Description:A full-featured client for Mac OS X. It supports offline operation, local saving of posts, history browsing, checking for changes in specific friends groups and multiple-group security. Also supports all the other things you might expect, like music auto-detection and friends list editing.
Home Page:http://www.speirs.org/xjournal/
Journal: Watch [info]xjournal for updates.



by [info]sprote
Description:A Mac OS X client, featuring WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing and immediate notification of friends' posts.
Home Page:http://www.sprote.com/journalert/
Journal: Watch [info]sprote for updates.


zlj post

Name:zlj post
by [info]zloba
Description:A lightweight Dashboard Widget designed to quickly update your journal. Supports other common features such as mood setting, iTunes music detection, community posting, and security settings.
Home Page:http://www.dmitrykirillov.com/
Journal: Watch [info]zlj for updates.


Scribbld Icon Uploader for Mac

Name:Scribbld Icon Uploader for Mac
by [info]im_sirius
Description:A shell script that helps Mac users upload more then one userpic at a time.
Home Page:http://www.scribbld.com/files/scribbld_icon_uploader_mac.zip


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