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Our OpenID consumer support is very new. That is, external users logging in with their identity here will find some rough edges while we work on smoothing it all out.

Our server support is relatively complete, though.

What is OpenID?

Scribbld supports the OpenID distributed identity system, letting you bring your Scribbld identity to other sites, and letting non-Scribbld users bring their identity here. After all, not everybody uses the same websites, but you should still be able to play together.

Using your OpenID here.

If you're not a member of Scribbld but want to leave authenticated comments and let people add you as their friend, trust your comments, etc., then you can login either in the form below, or from any comment entry form. Once you're logged in, you'll also be able to read friends-only posts that Scribbld users have indicated you're allowed to read.
Your OpenID URL:
For example: melody.someblog.com (if your host supports OpenID)

Using your OpenID on another site.

If another site says it supports OpenID and you want to use your Scribbld identity there, just enter your journal URL. (you don't need the http:// part either). For example, just enter melody.livejournal.com, or whatever your address is. After you do so, you'll be sent to LiveJournal briefly to ask if you want to trust that site to know who you are. You can either trust them once, or forever. You can change your OpenID settings and trust at any time.

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