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115 ([info]115) wrote,
@ 2009-03-15 00:23:00

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This is my weight loss journal! If you're also trying to lose weight, then please add me.

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2009-03-23 08:44 am UTC (link)
Hey! I wanted to add this because my BFF and I just joined a gym and are kind of getting addicted to it. I'm not really all for that diet mumbo jumbo, but maybe you write some things about working out and exercises you like and stuff? I figured I'd add you here! :)

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2009-03-25 11:30 pm UTC (link)
okay! i'm adding you back. :]

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2009-05-05 01:18 am UTC (link)
plz add;)

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2009-05-17 10:43 pm UTC (link)
sorry that took so long. you're added now :]

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