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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
2:16p - Ooogh.
Yesterday I switched at school, in the morning, so much that I decided not to go to school. And this morning I slept in so I couldn't go to school.

This is starting to take over my life. I don't know what to do. I'm really desperate right now. I was thinking of telling my T that I lost a lot of time yesterday, blacking out and finding myself in weird places.. And asking if it's typical for psychosis, if it's because of the meds.. Or something.

I really am on the brink....

Cassie is really depressed & angry. She's gotten attention. Right now she is relieved. I am too. The others are quite confused, since they have no major problems.

Now... I shall wait for the T sesh to begin.... at 3:30 pm.


current mood: managing

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9:46p - Oogh. (The common subject)
Well, I went to the T and she said that it was nothing to worry about. If I find myself in the garden, and I really do something whilst I lose time, then we have to find out whether it's something else than just tiredom or something. She thinks I'm falling asleep and not realising it! Rofl.

The whole system is feeling a bit better. Cassie is comforted because I gave her attention. Usually it's Rose who wants attention but now it's Cassie. Which is fine. Everybody has their blue days.

I'm talking to my friend Will and learned that I don't have to put "an" in front of "another". Very interesting. You learn something new every day.

Mom is yelling at me because I oughta be sleeping.

Tomorrow I will go to school, and I won't switch! I will be around people, and I don't switch around people. Usually. Hehe. Christ. This can't be so hard.

Lyra (better sign all entries so I know who is talking when I read these in the future)

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