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aibou ([info]aibou) wrote,
@ 2010-02-21 13:33:00

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Current music:The Spoony Experiment: E.T. Review

Motivation Time is NOW
All right, less than two weeks until Spring Break. Which ALSO means less than two weeks until the THURSDAY FROM HELL...which involves 3 tests and a piano lesson on the same day. But you know what? BRING IT ON BITCHES. I'm almost done with my homework for the weekend, so I'm going to go be awesome and productive by practicing the piano now then more homework/studying then Chapter and then...
more work.
Maybe I should watch some .hack//Roots for relaxation tonight but I feel like that show is going to make me even MORE frustrated since I know what's coming next episode...
Maybe Lucky Star or K-On lulz? Jeeze I really don't watch much anime anymore XD

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