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Table of Contents [20 Jul 2034|12:18am]

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"Whatever doesn't kill me, makes me stranger."

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On stars [22 Jan 2011|09:44am]
On our memorial-trip to Hocking Hills and Waverly, back in October, Mom and I got lost, making a four hour trip into a six hour one. It was a little scary, because it was dark and we were down some lonely back roads. There are times, too, when Ohio seems like prime real-estate in Stephan King's head.
Although we were frustrated, frightened and exhausted, we don't regret our little side-trip. We got to see something amazing, something that tears to our eyes and took our breath away: It was a cemetery, spread over a couple of rolling hills. At each of the headstones glowed one of those solar-powered lawn-lights. In the dark, with no other lights for miles, it looked like we were passing a field of stars. I breathlessly told my Mom that Alistar Crowley said that every man and woman is a star and there we had the truth of his words right in front of us.
Living and dead, we are stars. We each dance in our own path, sometimes colliding, sometimes coming together to form galaxies, sometimes shining alone. From far away, sometimes, we appear to be fixed, to be constantly on the move or blinking along. Up close, it might appear to be the opposite and the reality of it all might be something completely different that what we ever expected. It might even take a while for someone's light to reach us.
You'd be hard-pressed, too, to find someone who wouldn't describe the stars as "beautiful." Even someone who finds the vastness of the sky disturbing might well toss that adjective in there. And we are that, too, for all the frustratingly idiotic and monstrous things we do.
I don't pay particular mind to the saying that "God made each of us." It's not very comforting when you think that Gods, too, pull some pretty amazing boners. However, I do find some comfort in Crowley's thought of each man and woman being a star.
On the other hand, it puts a rather disturbing spin on John Dee's thought of "The stars rule men, but wise men rule the stars."
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On Spam [08 Nov 2009|12:10am]
Sort of as an experiment, this entry is open to spam-comments.

I won't filter, block, or delete comments. So, comment to your heart's content.
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On... wait. I know you! [17 Jul 2009|12:17am]
War and Average White Band are at the hotel, this evening.
I'm at the desk, doing a happy-doughnut dance, 'cause I discovered which weekend is Highland Weekend at the Michigan Renfest. One of the members from AWB happens to be passing by, and teases me about it. In fact, every time he passed the desk, he teased me.
I also sold one of the members of War an instant chicken soup dinner. And yanno, the guy from War? I figured he was with one of the bands, since he stopped by the music store in the shopping centre, and talked with some guy in the lobby about microphones, but damnit, he looked familiar to me. Later, I took a guess at it, when asking Tina. I've seen War once before, in concert. That must be where I remembered him from. XD;
It tickles me how utterly normal the guys with the band seem. It didn't really dawn on me they were with any famous band. Until it dawned on me he was really part of the band, I just thought the guy from War was a roadie. *shrugs*
The next famous band that comes into the hotel needs to be Kyo or Empyr, so I can pop fangirl on my clueless co-workers, instead of my co-workers popping fangirl on clueless me. XD;
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On credit. [26 May 2009|12:25pm]
Those beds that I made, Sunday night? Yeah, Fester went around telling all the housekeepers that HE did them.
Brooke made mention of it to Deanna, last night. Deanna told her that she's pretty sure that I made them... Brooke came back to ask me about it, while I was in laundry.
I am so very not pleased at this development.
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On gardening with crap you can find around the house [20 May 2009|08:03pm]
Just thought I'd share some tips and tricks that I've learned over the years:

For tomatoes, bury a cup of sugar, epsom salts, and a banana peel. It makes great fertilizer. Also, the squishy, half-rotten tomato, toss it outside. Next year, you'll have a bunch of tomato-plant sprouts.
I bet, that if you get a red bell pepper, and do the same, you'll have pepper-plant sprouts. Red, green, yellow and orange are all just stages of ripeness for the fruit.
I also bet that you can do the same with any hard-shelled squash. Though, if you don't have a lot of bees, butterflies, or similar things, you'll have to take a paintbrush to the flowers in order to get fruit.
You can sprout garlic from a clove of it that you got from the grocery store.
You can also sprout potatoes from ones you've gotten at the store, but it's not reccomended. However, seed potatoes at local farmer's markets are pretty cheap.

A great bug-spray/fertilizer takes one cup bio-degradable dishsoap-- Ivory's a good one, one cup mouthwash-- something like Listerene, and a cup of "tea" made with chewing tobacco, in a hose-sprayer. Spray your plants. It keeps things away and nourishes your plants.

Also good for nourishing plants: tea with sugar, tea-leaves, coffee grounds, egg-shells, old newspapers, and other "organic" garbage-- barring dairy or meat products. Dairy and meat products are bad for gardens.

A LOT of plants we refer to as "herbs" are actually European weeds.
Mint is a notible weed-- it spreads *everywhere* and is notoriously hard to kill. The suggestion is, to put the mint in a pot before putting it in your yard. They're also pretty easy to grow from cuttings: just put a cutting in a bit of water in a sunny window and leave it alone for a week or so.
Chamomile is an annual, but it re-seeds itself pretty easily, if you don't remove all of the flowers for tea.
Garlic, chives, and onions are perennials in Ohio. All it takes is one clove of garlic to grow a whole new bunch. Chives and regular onions are like any other bulb-plant: if you leave 'em alone, they'll multiply by themselves.
You can make a gourmet, flavored oil by putting a chive-flower in a bottle of olive oil.
Horehound, basil, and roses are great companions for tomatoes.

An old fork and spoon are invaluable gardening tools. You can also start a compost heap by drilling some holes in an old trash-can, and burying the bottom part of it.

Are there any other tips/thoughts/ideas that others want to contribute?
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On Music [02 May 2009|04:36pm]
Okay, dig:
This record has some personal meaning, and it's taken me a long time to find a CD-copy of it. (I still have my original cassette tape, but I lack one of those nifty drives to digitize it.) And in my searchings, I did try to find the individual tracks. It was to no avail. Now, in celebration of both finding it, and the re-release of the movie on DVD, I offer you all "The Jetsons: The MOVIE" soundtrack. You've a week to download them all. You NEEEEEEEED them. And do force them upon everyone share freely.
Um... also, sorry that they're one track at a time. I would have zipped 'em together, but I just wiped my harddrive and installed a new OS. So, I don't have everything together. Go ahead and leave a comment if there are any other problems.

Meet Jorge Jetson! )
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On Proverbs [02 Apr 2009|02:40pm]
Let's play a game.
Let's find out how many proverbs we all can come up with. It doesn't matter how obscure, weird or whatever. Just comment here with whatever you think of, whenever you think of it.
Here are a few to start you off:

'Tis better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

The closer you get to the light, the longer your shadow grows.

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

When men make plans, the gods laugh.
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