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Methos AlHazred ([info]alazif) wrote,
@ 2009-07-17 00:17:00

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On... wait. I know you!
War and Average White Band are at the hotel, this evening.
I'm at the desk, doing a happy-doughnut dance, 'cause I discovered which weekend is Highland Weekend at the Michigan Renfest. One of the members from AWB happens to be passing by, and teases me about it. In fact, every time he passed the desk, he teased me.
I also sold one of the members of War an instant chicken soup dinner. And yanno, the guy from War? I figured he was with one of the bands, since he stopped by the music store in the shopping centre, and talked with some guy in the lobby about microphones, but damnit, he looked familiar to me. Later, I took a guess at it, when asking Tina. I've seen War once before, in concert. That must be where I remembered him from. XD;
It tickles me how utterly normal the guys with the band seem. It didn't really dawn on me they were with any famous band. Until it dawned on me he was really part of the band, I just thought the guy from War was a roadie. *shrugs*
The next famous band that comes into the hotel needs to be Kyo or Empyr, so I can pop fangirl on my clueless co-workers, instead of my co-workers popping fangirl on clueless me. XD;

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2009-07-17 03:25 pm UTC (link)
The happy-doughnut dance girl! You must've made his day.

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2009-07-17 06:33 pm UTC (link)
I must have, 'cause the last time he walked by, he asked me to show his bandmates my "dance" and said that the world needed more people like me. O^;;

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