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Methos AlHazred ([info]alazif) wrote,
@ 2009-05-02 16:36:00

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On Music
Okay, dig:
This record has some personal meaning, and it's taken me a long time to find a CD-copy of it. (I still have my original cassette tape, but I lack one of those nifty drives to digitize it.) And in my searchings, I did try to find the individual tracks. It was to no avail. Now, in celebration of both finding it, and the re-release of the movie on DVD, I offer you all "The Jetsons: The MOVIE" soundtrack. You've a week to download them all. You NEEEEEEEED them. And do force them upon everyone share freely.
Um... also, sorry that they're one track at a time. I would have zipped 'em together, but I just wiped my harddrive and installed a new OS. So, I don't have everything together. Go ahead and leave a comment if there are any other problems.

1. We're the Jetsons/The Jetsons' Rap
2. With You All the Way
3. You and Me
4. I Always Thought I'd See You Again
5. Maybe Love
6. Staying Together
7. Through the Blue
8. Mall Theme
10. Jetsons Main Title

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2009-05-03 11:15 am UTC (link)
I shall download them then. And it's better that they're one track at a time for me anyway because my internet's kinda slow.

Thanks for sharing. ♥

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2009-05-04 01:11 am UTC (link)
My pleasure to share them. Enjoy the vintage 1989/1990 dorkiness~! My favourites are "Maybe Love" and "You and Me," though it astounds me how utterly uninspired the lyrics are and yet... catchy and enjoyable. O^;

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