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[Jan. 15th, 2008|08:26 pm]

I've seen you post on Liz's entries! We should be friends, you seem awesome.

I remember when the whole Daniel Pearl thing was happening. I was following it in the news and then seeing it play out and how the people closest to him reacted, it really moved me.

I saw Juno right at the end of last year. I watched tons of movies in December. Just my luck, right before starting this thing. lol. Anyway, I loooved Juno. I actually want to see it again badly. And I never rewatch movies. I'm extremely analytical and am very intentive when I watch films, so I get nothing from rewatching them, but I find myself really wanting to see Juno again.

Enchanted is one that I really want to see. It's the type of movie I might typically like, but from the trailer it - especially James Marsden and Amy Adams - actually appeals to me a lot. It seems like one of those that appeal to adults too, with jokes that will be totally over kids' heads, like "Shrek." I haven't seen the third installment yet, but I loved the first two.
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