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Lisa Mackenzie Turpin

054: Happy

002. 10/08/97

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081: Looking Up/Smile
It pays off to have a older brother. Really, it does. It also helps when you're quite close with that older brother. James sent me a package this morning. It came directly to my dorm with a note which said hello and all that but told me specifically to open the package when alone. So, wondering what on earth it could be about, I did just that. And I'm proud to say that my lovely brother has sent me a brand new bottle of firewhiskey! Said sod our parents and their warnings on him not to corrupt his little sister... thinks I deserve a bit of fun.

So, my question is, who would like to share this with me? It's not often you get pure firewhiskey around school... usually making due with butterbeer is the norm. Any takers? James also sent along some cupcakes and sweets so there's snacks to go along with the drinks! Ah, the joys of having a cool older brother.
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