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User:arrayofcolours (11557)
An Artist Sees Through the Veil...
...And Into Who You Truly Are
Name:Lisa Mackenzie Turpin

An artist sees through the veil...
...And into who you truly are.
Memories1 entry
Interests:14: baking, cake, cooking, drawing, flowers, hogwarts, magic, muggles, painting, pudding, quidditch, ravenclaw, sketching, wands
Schools:None listed
People38:abbish, ackerley, arrayofcolours, athenaspupil, beaterbundy, condign, cornerfied, deathily, dorny, dunstanly, elegantchaos, ellectric, evrivers, goodlove, greenlove, huntington, kaspinks, kennicot, laurathegreat, lindyhop, lonqbottom, macmillan, mandyjane, melanie, mmmpie, morag, pansyesque, ravenous, riddikulusmod, samlish, sassymisspatil, scarletslyth, spidersbegone, staff, summerby, traceydavis, vaisey, vickylicious
Communities2:riddikooc, riddikulus
Mutual Friends:3: arrayofcolours, kaspinks, mandyjane
Account type:Early Adopter

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