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User:vaisey (7829)
Name:Paging~ Captain Oblivious.

Black is the kiss,
the touch of the
serpent son
Interests:20: almost dying, angst, broomsticks, christmas time, clumsiness, everything else, hopefully curse breaking, kneazles, lack of eating, lack of tact, malcolm baddock, mum and dad, perhaps melanie roberts, quaffle, quidditch, reading textbooks, runes, salazar slytherin, slytherin, strebbor
Schools:None listed
People38:athenaspupil, baddock, booted, condign, cornerfied, cruciatus, dearjack, deathily, elegantchaos, emma, evrivers, ginnyweasley, hjpotter, huntington, imperius, kaspinks, kennicot, kestrelsforlife, knightish, lonqbottom, loveableraven, macmillan, mcr, melanie, morag, news, ohsonaive, pansyesque, piano, pureblood, riddikulusmod, sharpen, smithey, spidersbegone, staff, summerby, tellatale, vaisey
Communities4:development, riddikooc, riddikulus, voldy
Account type:Early Adopter

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