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User:morag (7828)
Name:♥; m&m
Website:riddikulus rpg;

i don't love you, i'm just passing the time;
you could love
me if i knew how to lie.

web tracker
Interests:43: acid candy, animagi, annoying finch-fletchley, being patronising and demeaning, being perfect, being right, boys obv, cauldron cakes, dean urquhart, earl grey tea, flourish & blotts, harper is a wanker, her housemates, hogwarts, house elves, katherine spinks, lisa turpin, michael corner, morag macdougal, not hufflepuffs, not muggles ew, not the journals, not you... or you, ordering people around, pureblood supremacy, quidditch players, quiet places, rainy days, ravenclaw, reading, sarcasm, sleeping in, sleeping late, snark, sugar quills, terrorising first years, the color blue, the common room, the library, the room of requirement, transfiguration, transfiguration today, wizarding tag
People37:athenaspupil, baddock, booted, condign, cornerfied, cruciatus, dearjack, deathily, elegantchaos, emma, evrivers, ginnyweasley, hjpotter, huntington, imperius, kaspinks, kennicot, kestrelsforlife, knightish, lonqbottom, loveableraven, macmillan, mcr, melanie, morag, ohsonaive, pansyesque, piano, pureblood, riddikulusmod, sharpen, smithey, spidersbegone, staff, summerby, tellatale, vaisey
Communities3:development, riddikooc, riddikulus
Account type:Early Adopter

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