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Lisa Mackenzie Turpin

054: Happy

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054: Happy

in character.
FULL NAME: Lisa Mackenzie Turpin
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 17, March 12, 1980
HOUSE AND YEAR: Ravenclaw, 7th
BLOODLINE: Half-blood
WAND: willow, 11”, unicorn tail hair
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
USERNAME: [info]arrayofcolours
PLAYED BY: Alexis Bledel

Lisa is a very friendly person. She makes friends very easily and has no qualms about approaching someone and introducing herself. She is often described as outgoing and bubbly. Lisa is known to light up a room with her smile and she feels the need to cheer up her friends when they aren’t in the best mood. Lisa is a loyal and trustworthy friend. Once she becomes friends with a person, she will be their friend for life. However, Lisa feels very strongly about not betraying those you care about and so if a friend betrays her in a very hurtful or serious way, she is not opposed to cutting her ties with that person. Lisa is very caring. She can be quite sympathetic and a great listener when needed and has been known to give good advice, though sometimes she gives it without the advice being wanted in the first place. In that aspect, Lisa can be quite nosy. She has a weakness for gossip and can often be found telling her friends the latest gossip about what’s going on in school and butting in and offering her opinion when its not wanted. Lisa is known to hold a grudge. If someone says something that upsets her in any way, she will hold it against them for as long as possible before they give in or she finally does and the problem is resolved.

Lisa is an above average student. She gets good marks in most of her classes, averaging E’s and a few O’s. Lisa’s worst subject is Potions, as is most students who have had Snape, and she dislikes it greatly, not wanting to put in the effort to actually improve her grades in the subject. Lisa’s favourite subject is DADA along with Charms. She loves using her magic and learning spells whether they are used to defend herself or to do regular tasks.

Lisa loves to draw. Ever since she was a kid and she was given her first sketchbook by her parents, Lisa can be found drawing or painting any chance she can get. She’s a very skilled artist, having ability in the subject that few people her age do and it’s a passion of hers. Lisa will never be found without her sketchbook. Whether its in her bag, in her hands, or being used, she goes nowhere without it. She can often be found sitting out on the grounds of the castle, sketching the landscapes or sunsets or the people around her and if she finds something or someone particularly amusing or intriguing she will sketch them as well.

Lisa grew up in a small, loving family. Her mother, Amy, is a muggle and her father, John, is a wizard. She has an older brother, James, also a wizard, who is 19 years old. She is very close with her older brother and misses him dearly when she’s at school.

Lisa went to muggle primary school until receiving her Hogwarts letter when she was eleven. Her mother insisted that she get a muggle education until attending a magical school and she didn’t mind as she made many great friends during her time at the school. She is always happy to see her old friends, who think she goes to private school during the year, when she comes home for the summer.

When arriving at Hogwarts, Lisa was entirely unsure of which house she would be sorted into. She thought maybe she could be a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw, maybe even a Hufflepuff but she hoped she wasn’t destined for Slytherin. When she was sorted into Ravenclaw, she was happy with the choice and she immediately made friends with Terry Boot, Michael Corner, Padma Patil and Mandy Brocklehurst. She also made friends with a lot of other people in her year, she’s quite friendly and is friends with almost everyone.

Throughout her years at Hogwarts, Lisa made friends with almost everyone in the year. She got along with most people. When the Triwizard Tournament happened in her 4th year, Lisa watched it all with excitement, cheering on Cedric and Harry. She supported them both even though most people thought Cedric was the true champion. When You-Know-Who returned at the end of the tournament, her mother almost didn’t let her return to Hogwarts for her 5th year. Not really understanding everything that was going on because she was muggle, her mother heard the word ‘murderer’ and immediately began rethinking sending her to Hogwarts. It was her father who finally convinced her mother to let her return and she was thankful for it. She was afraid she wouldn’t get to see her friends again.

It was also around her 4th year that she began to develop more than friendly feelings for her best friend Terry Boot. Seeing him go to the Yule Ball with another girl and how handsome he looked set off a feeling of jealousy inside her and she denied it at first but eventually came to accept that she fancied him. Not wanting to do anything to ruin the amazing friendship they had, she never mentioned it to him or anyone else, though Mandy constantly teases her about how cute her and Terry are together. Even though Lisa fancies Terry, she still accepted dates and went out with other blokes while she waited around for Terry to clue in. She was actually rather popular in her 4th and 5th years.

In 5th year, Terry tried to convince Lisa to come with him to these meetings where they would properly learn to do spells, a group she later learned had been called the D.A., but she declined, not really interested in going at the time. After hearing about Harry Potter’s fight with Death Eaters and Voldemort at the Ministry of Magic, Lisa began to wish she had gone to the D.A. meetings and planned to the following year if they were held again.

To Lisa, 6th year was pretty normal. She started taking classes which moved towards her desired career as a healer and she continued to do well. It was in her 6th year though that her crush on Terry began to fade. She realized that he probably wouldn’t see her as more than a friend and she was okay with that. She started dating others and soon, she felt nothing more than friendship for Terry. However, if he were to someday return the feelings, she probably feel it all rush back because your first love never really goes away.

out of character.
NAME: Sabrina
AGE: 19
AIM: arrayofcolours
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