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Lisa Mackenzie Turpin

054: Happy

001. 09/29/97

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082: Looking at you/Pretty
You really do observe some very fascinating stuff when you just sit outside on the grounds and watch people. I'd gone outside to do a bit of sketching and I chose this spot on a hill, under this lovely and rather large tree and from my position, I saw several interesting situations and exchanges between students. Really, it's quite funny what people will do when they think no one is watching!

Things I observed today:

-A boy picking a wedgie from his trousers and then proceeding to shake/slap hands with several of his friends
-A pair snogging, quite passionately, behind a tree, unaware of a squirrel lingering above them preparing to drop nuts on their heads
-A girl picking her nose and flinging the bogey into the grass
-A very romantic picnic between some younger students (I sketched that one, couldn't help it)
-An argument about what seemed to be a lost sock and one boy accusing his roommate of stealing it for his magical experiments
-A boy flying on his broom and attempting to show off for some nearby girls but apparently not paying attention to what he was doing because he proceeded to fly straight into the goal posts
-A young girl feeding seeds to some birds

Interesting no? I'm sorry that the weekend is coming to a close. I've gotten quite a bit of good sketching done this weekend as I had finished my homework Friday evening. Perhaps I'll go for a fly later... I haven't done that in a while.
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