A String of Pearls

or Sam's rubbish.

October 5th, 2008

It is fucking cold in here!! @ 03:36 pm

Current Mood: cold

Actually, it's cold everywhere. On Tuesday, it will be one week to the day that Brigitta and Spanky left. (Spanky is our... or was... our watchdog.) If you asked me what my feelings were then, I'd tell you that they were mixed.. because they were... but now, I'm like Oh hell yes~!!!!! Brigitta was a hard person to live with.

I'm going to find Colly ([info]anirishcolleen) right now.. ciao.

I have one thing to say. TURN ON THE BLOODY HEAT!!!!!

Well... I guess I should give you warning... :-) @ 02:06 pm

Current Mood: bored

Name: Sam(antha Josephine)
Starsign: Cancer with a Sagittarius ascendant. Ha.
Likes: pearls, pokemon, and coke zero.
Dislikes: liver & onions, obnoxious people, and pr0n.
Favorite thing right now: my computer... obviously and my new CD player. :-)

There. Fair warning to you. Friend me. I dare you. (Haaa.. maybe I'll add you back? LOL)

A String of Pearls

or Sam's rubbish.