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March 5th, 2012

02:49 am - Private Post to Stas
If I really were Abby, Carly would be missing some teeth about now.

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February 27th, 2012

12:15 pm - Private Handwritten Journal
I may or may not be in over my head.

I think the party went well. Mother Criss gave me a walloping earful this morning, but she says our arrangement will survive the end of the year. The indication is that I couldn't do this next year. She didn't have to say it; I could see it.

I only have a few more months to work on this before I'm finished here. I don't know that it will be enough and I don't know what I'm going to do after.

Whatever it is, I want Anastas to have a place in my life when this is done. I've started to hope, maybe against my better judgement because I can't see his decision. Maybe I don't want to see. Mother Criss says I don't let myself see the things I have an emotional stake in anymore. I shut off that part of my talent when I was 7 years old.

She keeps hinting that that's not all I shut down and I'm beginning to wonder if that fragmented part of myself (which has been mostly kept at bay while I'm learning divination here) is actually something else. Maybe it's not just the visions.

She says I'll have to reprocess my grief. I'll have to revisit my mother's death and what I saw that day.

I'm not ready for that yet. I think Mother Criss is pushing me harder than necessary because she can see the end of it. She can see what's going to happen to me when this is all finished. She knows I need more time, but we don't have it. She's forcing it all in now while she can.

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12:13 pm - Unlocked Wizarding Web Post
Thanks for not destroying my house, you ungrateful heathens.

Next year we're having the party at a slaughterhouse. The amount of blood on the floor should be about the same.

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September 22nd, 2011

06:32 pm - Private to Addy
Oh god. How did I let you talk me into this?

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June 27th, 2011

03:08 pm - Relationships
It'll be interesting )

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May 24th, 2011

07:50 am - Biography
A to the B )

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