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Child of the Fey
Date: 2010-08-19 15:16
Subject: Some food for thought....
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Hm, man I sometimes wonder why people don't read the fine print with medication.

Birth control (the pill verity) has shown some pretty amazing side effects. Here are some examples of people I know personally's side effects: strokes, brain cancer, severe respiratory problems (i.e. not being able to walk up a flight of stairs because its as winding as running a mile), extreme hormonal instability (i.e. getting all of the hormonal crap from a particularly bad period but for everyday, all day, with/without the bleeding), and new allergies.

Vaccines have some pretty interesting side effects too. Cancer, serious immune system damage, new allergies, getting the illness it was supposed to prevent, poisoning, and allergic reactions. And no, Autism is not a side effect but having it does heighten your chances of having one of the more severe side effects.

My point: be a weary consumer. Just because it's all the rage does not mean its the right thing for you.

(My inspiration to post this was an interesting conversation I had had with a friend of mine who's mother suffered some of these side effects.)

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Methos AlHazred: Engie Trauma
User: [info]alazif
Date: 2010-08-20 04:05 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
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Hee hee. I find that freaking awesome (not to look down on our doctors, who more often than not, deserve more respect than they get). One thing I find, though, common sense isn't all that common. o.O;

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Child of the Fey: HiruGumGun
User: [info]bar_ohki
Date: 2010-08-20 04:08 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

I do respect my doctor, I just don't respect that their first instinct is to stick drugs in me.

Though actually my doctors in Corvallis try actively to not give drugs to patients unless necessary. I had a viral cough, they figured out it was one, and you know what they gave me? They told me to drink a bit of alcohol before bed to numb and calm my throat so I could try to fall asleep better.

Since we all know that alcohol is the active ingredient in cough syrup. They specifically told me to use red wine if I could stand it because of the anti-oxidants it has.

Go figure.

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Methos AlHazred: Spill
User: [info]alazif
Date: 2010-08-20 10:30 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

It's not too different than my grandfather's suggestion of a hot toddy and bed as a cold remedy. :3

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Child of the Fey: MamoChuckle
User: [info]bar_ohki
Date: 2010-08-20 15:02 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)

Nope, or my mom's homemade cough syrup. But you see I was technically only 20 at the time, so she did write me up a permission form to buy a small bottle of red wine for medical purposes.

That was actually horrendously funny thing to take up to the pharmacy counter. A small bottle of red wine and my prescription. XD

Thankfully the pharmacist totally understood what was going on.

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