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Lady Kitana ([info]boobalicious) wrote,
@ 2008-01-10 20:18:00

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Current mood: curious

Friends Only
Comment to be added.

Previously xcherrykiss @ greatestjournal.com

I don't really update here yet because I don't have many friends, so if you want to add a journal I actually update at, I'm boobasaurus over at Livejournal. Although, if you add me here I just might update here! ;)

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2008-01-16 08:46 am UTC (link)
[info]flame_cup and [info]honor_cup!

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2008-01-16 09:29 am UTC (link)
Joined. Is this site running slow for you? Lately any time I try to access it, it either flat out doesn't load or if it does, it's super slow. I was wondering if it was just me or not.

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2008-01-16 09:56 am UTC (link)
It is running slow for me also. I think it is because of a large influx of new users. =(

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2008-01-16 10:45 am UTC (link)
Oh, probably. Everyone from GJ scrambled over here and now this site is going to cumble and burn too. What have we done!?! lol

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2008-01-16 10:53 am UTC (link)
Lol well all the GJ users really didnt have anywhere else to go, and insanejournal is the biggest peice of crap ever. lol. But i can tottally see the database crumbling lol.

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2008-01-16 11:07 am UTC (link)
I'm on all three sites (this one, IJ, and LJ), but I update the most at LJ because all my friends are there. It's almost like I didn't have a choice which journal to use as my primary journal because of them! I'm worried this site is going to end up crashing because of the sudden wave of users. I'm all scared now because of GJ going down the crapper that I'm worried every journal site is just gonna get up and leave now! At least being on all three sites gives me access to three times the communities, lmao. Keeps me occupied.

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2008-01-21 01:13 am UTC (link)
Hey Kitana. It's Amanda aka ~cop. Add me here?

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2008-01-21 01:21 am UTC (link)
Added! Which site do you update most at?

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2008-01-21 01:47 am UTC (link)
I'm probably going to be updating both of them (this one and ij) regularly. Probably make an update in one and copy it to the other. I don't know, really. I'm so confused now that gj is gone. It's like WHERE THE FUCK DO I GO.

How about you?

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2008-01-21 02:08 am UTC (link)
I know what you mean. I went and made accounts here, IJ, and LJ and then sat back like "...okay what now??" Majority of my friends went to LJ though, so I regularly update there. I just use the other sites for communities though cause I have like no friends.

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2008-05-03 01:20 am UTC (link)

[info]harsh - can you make it in?

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