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oh? → Naoto


June 15th, 2020

☠ 000.

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oh? → Naoto
This journal is semi friends-only. Most of it will be public, I'm sure... but there will be the odd locked entry.

Anyway, comment to be added to be able to read all of the boring that is my life. ♥

August 4th, 2008

☠ 007.

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oh? → Naoto
So I preordered Persona 4 the other day. I can't wait for it to be December- it's my Christmas/surviving finals present to myself. :3

Atlus announced an RPG called Eternal Poison today. Liking the dark aesthetic of it, and the premise sounds interesting. I'll be watching the site like a hawk for updates.

In other news, I got my learner's permit so I can get more practice in before the license test of doom.

MOAR DUBBEN LAGANN in an hour, I'm so excited!

July 14th, 2008

☠ 006.

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... → Composer
It seems like whenever I see an RP that looks interesting on Livejournal, all the characters I'd want to play are either already taken or they're snapped up while I consider apping them. And if that's not the case, I just feel like I don't fit in as a player. Thus making me distance myself from everyone, usually drop out, and then wonder why I bothered trying... only to repeat the process later.

DA R:2 is, as absurd as it may sound, the only place I've never felt out of place in. Ever.

It's like whenever I try to branch out RP-wise, I fail.

July 5th, 2008

☠ 005.

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oh? → Naoto
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Why Square isn't allowed to dress themselves anymore.

What is that even supposed to be. Seriously. My boyfriend and I sat there staring at that official art for a few minutes trying to figure out what the fuck and came up with nothing.

Also, PERSONA 4 DECEMBER 9TH. I'm excited.

July 1st, 2008

☠ 004.

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my own clone! → Joshua & ... Joshua
Um, I made a writing community.



☠ 003.

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full of fail → Neku
It totally figures that I discover how neat Facebook is the week of my Field Botany final.

I thought people were exaggerating when they told me that, like... everyone had one, but...

Also, it needs to be Friday so I can see my boyfriend again. ♥

June 16th, 2008

☠ 002.

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oh? → Naoto
summer '08 goals. )
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