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oh? → Naoto


August 4th, 2008

☠ 007.

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oh? → Naoto
So I preordered Persona 4 the other day. I can't wait for it to be December- it's my Christmas/surviving finals present to myself. :3

Atlus announced an RPG called Eternal Poison today. Liking the dark aesthetic of it, and the premise sounds interesting. I'll be watching the site like a hawk for updates.

In other news, I got my learner's permit so I can get more practice in before the license test of doom.

MOAR DUBBEN LAGANN in an hour, I'm so excited!

July 5th, 2008

☠ 005.

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oh? → Naoto
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Why Square isn't allowed to dress themselves anymore.

What is that even supposed to be. Seriously. My boyfriend and I sat there staring at that official art for a few minutes trying to figure out what the fuck and came up with nothing.

Also, PERSONA 4 DECEMBER 9TH. I'm excited.
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