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Whoa... Too busy. [21 Jan 2009|04:24pm]
I might as well just list the stuff going on right now...

1.) Mother still overbearing narcissus. Must formulate plan to do something about her.

2.) Classes okay. Research & Design a little flustering. This is so not my thing. Will survive somehow.

3.) Tempted to grab copy of Walden and crawl into a hole for next couple of months. Trying to avoid undesirable elements... and people.

4.) Not too unhappy though. Not even trying to maintain morale. Anxiety not bad either.

5.) Is it me, or is movie child Tom Riddle absolutely adorable? *squee* I want a kid like that someday. Someone who will shoot for world domination and fail. At least he tried, right?

6.) Waiting for Matt... and waiting... and waiting... I think this is turning into a modernized Waiting for Godot.

7.) Not writing much lately. Feel bland. Too many other things. Need time to self.

8.) Obama Inauguration interesting. Skeptical but not totally pessimistic yet. Happy to see Dubya looking so bummed about his Reign of Internal Terrorism coming to an end.

9.) Oh boy, so tired.

10.) Bored.
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The horror of our love. [10 Jan 2009|03:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | "Good Will Hunting By Myself" - Ludo ]

Wow. It has been a while. I thought I would check back in on Scribbld and figured I should finally post an update.

Life has changed a little bit since last January. I started working at school. I make minimum wage, but I can set my hours around my class schedule, and I get to do homework and study on down-times. So it really is worth it.

I bought my first car in August. It's a '95 Lebaron. Convertible. (Who thought I'd ever own a convertible?) It's a decent car. I had to replace the battery, get an oil change, and have a transmission flush done. Just regular maintenance. Nothing major has happened to it, yay!

I've been working hard in school. I managed a 3.9 GPA last semester. I was SO shocked when I checked my grades and saw my lowest grade was an A-. I was convinced that it would be a little lower.

I had some issues during the semester with a Chinese professor who had no clue what she was doing in the classroom and treated everyone like dirt. I'm the only person who reported her, but I'm glad I gathered the courage and did it. She went as far as calling me "not smart enough" in class, even though I got some of the highest grades. I went to the Dean of Students, and she had the higher-ups talk with the professor. I don't think many people will continue in Chinese. I decided to stop taking it. Even if I had time in my schedule, it wouldn't be worth putting up with that professor. I got an A in the class, but it doesn't compensate for how miserable I felt, having to show up at 9 A.M. four days a week just to get ridiculed by that professor. =/

On Halloween, I led a ghost hunt on campus with Matt and Megan. We had a pretty active investigation in the gardens at Holmdene. Holmdene was once a mansion belonging to a wealthy family; now, it functions as a building for faculty and staff. The English and History departments are located on the third floor, which is supposed to be extremely haunted. We didn't have permission to go inside, but even just wandering the gardens gave us a lot. We heard footsteps and couldn't trace them. I caught a blue mist on my digital camera and a female voice saying "Ye-es" on my video camera when Matt asked if anyone was there with us. It didn't come up on the digital voice recorder.

Anyway, this (coupled with the weekly awesomeness of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel) inspired me to get serious about forming my own investigative team. It's still a fledgling work, but it's getting there. I'm adamant. It WILL succeed!

This semester is going to be hectic, but I'm hoping for good things. I'm taking Women Writers, 19th Century American Literature, Rembrandt and Baroque, Japanese 302, and Intro to Research & Design.

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だめ! [01 Feb 2008|09:17pm]
今日は忙しい。 ライフスパン一クラスの一番テストはややこしかった。私はPiagetの"schemata"を知らなかった。 =( 私はたくさん事実を忘れいた。Cが受け取れば、私は幸せである。テストの後で、私はカットちゃんどジェン二番の昼食を食べた。その後、 私たちは日本語二〇二クラスへ行った。この火曜日のクイッズはだめだったね!皆さんは不幸せだった。クリスタルちゃん90パーセントが受けいた。私の得点は88パーセントだった。だめ!だめ! だめだよ!ハハハ、 とにかく、 ジェン二番は下げる得点が受けいた。彼女はクイッズをやり直す。

この週末はとても忙しい。 私はたくさん宿題があるね!次の火曜日、 二テストがある。恐い!私はこの週末たくさん勉強をする!

Today was busy. Lifespan 1's first test was difficult. I didn't know Piaget's"schemata." =( I forgot many things. If I receive a C, I will be happy. After the test, I ate lunch with Cat-chan and Jen #2. After that, we went to Japanese 202 class. This Tuesday's quiz was not good! Everyone was unhappy. Krystal-chan received a 90%. My score was 88%. Not good! Not good! Not good! Ha ha ha, anyway, Jen #2 received a lower grade. She is to redo the quiz.

This weekend is busy. I have a lot of homework! Next Tuesday, I have two tests. Scary! I am studying a lot this weekend!
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一番音楽記入 [30 Jan 2008|02:40pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Gordon Lightfoot - "If You Could Read My Mind"

"Working Class Hero" - Marianne Faithfull

"The Animal Song" - Savage Garden

"Moon Drop" - JackRose

"Ten Out of Ten" - Nguyen Thang

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New journal! [28 Jan 2008|02:49pm]



xx1. Comment here first, please.
xx2. No homophobic/racial/gender/religious/etc. slurs.
xx3. I tend to be impersonal. Deal with it!
xx4. Please feel free to express your opinions as long as you use a thing called TACT. It works wonders.
xx5. I sometimes post my own writings/artwork. Don't get any ideas. If I find you've copied me, I'll send my army of j-rock-crazed-fangirl minions after you. You will feel pain.
xx6. Please be respectful of other people who comment my journal.
xx7. I don't do friends cuts, and I might not post terribly often. Just stick with me, 'kay?
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