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ジェン - a.k.a. Jen ([info]crash_and_burn) wrote,
@ 2009-01-21 16:24:00

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Whoa... Too busy.
I might as well just list the stuff going on right now...

1.) Mother still overbearing narcissus. Must formulate plan to do something about her.

2.) Classes okay. Research & Design a little flustering. This is so not my thing. Will survive somehow.

3.) Tempted to grab copy of Walden and crawl into a hole for next couple of months. Trying to avoid undesirable elements... and people.

4.) Not too unhappy though. Not even trying to maintain morale. Anxiety not bad either.

5.) Is it me, or is movie child Tom Riddle absolutely adorable? *squee* I want a kid like that someday. Someone who will shoot for world domination and fail. At least he tried, right?

6.) Waiting for Matt... and waiting... and waiting... I think this is turning into a modernized Waiting for Godot.

7.) Not writing much lately. Feel bland. Too many other things. Need time to self.

8.) Obama Inauguration interesting. Skeptical but not totally pessimistic yet. Happy to see Dubya looking so bummed about his Reign of Internal Terrorism coming to an end.

9.) Oh boy, so tired.

10.) Bored.

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