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March 20th, 2010
07:46 pm
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Title: Green Tea
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender (slave'verse AU)
Characters: Liu, Yui (OCs)
Rating: PG
Summary: Yui brings Liu a cup of tea.
Notes: Takes place after Tremors. Liu belongs to Bex and is used with her permission.

More than once, Ichiro had likened his young sister to a ninja.

Yui wasn't quite as good as he made her out to be, but all three of Daitaro's children were fairly skilled at moving about unnoticed. Getting to the small shack where Liu spent his nights without being seen was a simple task.

Making tea for him beforehand had been much harder. She'd had to watch the kettle carefully so the sound of it wouldn't alert her sharp-eared mother. But now she was outside his door, and the tea itself was nearly done steeping.

Pleased with herself, Yui scratched at the door.

A few moments passed, and then the door opened. Liu's eyebrows rose in surprise when he saw her standing there. Apparently, Earth Kingdom girls didn't go visiting strange men after dark.

....okay, so probably she shouldn't be doing that either.

Yui smiled at him. "I brought you some tea," she chirped quietly, offering the cup to him. It wasn't one of Mother's best by any long shot, but it was Yui's favourite.

He regarded her for a moment, then nodded and accepted the cup.

She wondered how he would drink with his mouth covered by that scrap of cloth, but averted her gaze. Whatever he covered with that scarf, it wasn't her business. Instead, her eyes drifted around the shack he'd been placed in. Bare wood, wood floor, with nary a decoration in sight. Idiot, she chided herself. He's a slave. He doesn't have anything to decorate with.

He didn't have anything at all.

Suddenly Yui realised this bothered her. War or not, who were they to take another human being as a slave?

A hand rested briefly on her shoulder, and Yui looked up to see Liu offering the cup to her. She blinked but accepted the cup, then realised there was still tea in it. She glanced at the tall Earth man curiously, and he mimed taking a sip.


"Thank you," she said, and did so.

Liu's smile showed in his green eyes, and she managed a smile back at him as she returned the cup. Slate. She would bring a slate and some chalk the next time she brought him tea.

Yui returned the cup to him -- after all, she'd brought the tea to him as thanks for everything Liu was doing for Kouji. "Do you read Omashu Li?" she blurted.

He regarded her for a minute, then nodded.

She brightened. "Okay," she said, lodging that detail away. She couldn't free him, not yet, but maybe she could make his situation more bearable.

--if he even wanted a young Fire girl visiting him.

"Is it okay if I come back?" she asked him now.

His eyes showed both amusement and bemusement as he nodded, and Yui smiled. "Thank you, Liu-san," she said, and bowed.

He bowed back, and Yui noted that it wasn't a full bow of farewell, but rather-- abbreviated. What were you before? she wondered, but didn't ask. Instead, she smiled at him and slipped back home.

In the hazy moments before she fell asleep, Yui wondered if she could undo the hobbles that bound Liu at night.

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Date:March 23rd, 2010 11:21 pm (UTC)
Oh, Yui. She is so cute. I like her bringing Liu tea, and the Omashu Li question made me giggle. So did the bit about maybe she shouldn't be visiting strange men at night.

*cuddles her* She is a sweet girl.
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Date:March 26th, 2010 05:09 pm (UTC)
Yui seems to tend a bit more to the impulsive side than her brothers. *bats at her braid* She is a very sweet girl. I should write her more.
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