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September 28th, 2010
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Fic: Earth
Title: Earth
Fandom: Sailor Moon (anime)
Characters: Demando, Saffir, Esmeraude, Rubeus
Rating: G/K
Summary: Demando reflects on his future plans with his future Court.
Notes: Written for Bex, because I love her.


"Oniisama, what's that light?"

Prince Demando glanced over at his little brother, six years old and nestled against their cousin Rubeus. He then looked up to where the dark clouds that blanketed the sky had briefly parted, revealing a bright star. Demando had never seen it before, but he knew immediately what it was. "That's Earth," the young prince answered.

Saffir tilted his head to one side. "That's where we came from?"

Demando smiled when Esmeraude corrected him. "That's where we belong."

"Yes," he added. "And we're going to go back there some day."

Saffir lit up. "What's Earth like?"

Rubeus shifted Saffir off his lap and stood. At sixteen, he was the oldest of the strange group they had formed. He had also done the most studying on the subject at the moment -- for a certain definition of studying, anyway. Rubeus preferred perfecting his combat techniques and cultivating the two older Ayakashi sisters.

"Earth is a bright place," he said. "They don't need clocks to tell the difference between night and day, and there's all kinds of plantlife growing everywhere, especially since the White Queen turned her power on the planet."

Saffir's eyes sparked in interest as Rubeus described Earth to him, with Esmeraude chiming in from time to time. Demando held his peace, letting his cousins enchant his little brother while he planned. Tonight, when Esmeraude and Rubeus had gone about their business, he would weave more stories for Saffir, ensuring that he would want the return to earth as much as he did, as much as Rubeus and Esmeraude did, as much as their parents didn't.

Still, he had time enough to ascend to the Pellucid throne, and to place his trusted lieutenants -- his brother and his cousins -- in strategic positions in his future Court.

Too, he had a resource nobody else knew about -- not even Rubeus, who had been his first recruit just two years ago. With the wiseman's advice, Demando knew that the White Queen would accept the changes of Nemesis' people, and welcome them back to Earth.

Smiling, he reached out and hugged Saffir close.

It was only what they deserved.

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