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May 8th, 2010
03:34 pm
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Ficlet: Trample
Title: Trample
Fandom: Pokémon (Game-based with manga elements)
Character: James "Jim" Maguire (OC)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jim attacks a Team Aqua grunt for abusing his Pokémon
Notes: A prequel to an untitled Pokémon fic. Consider it backstory for Jim.

Jim had never punched anyone outside of practise before. )

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February 19th, 2008
08:16 pm
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Ongoing Fic Post
Here is where I shall keep track of all my fanfics. Bookmark this if you are interested in them. Links to tags will be included.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

"Canon" Fic Index
This is an index of all the fics that I consider "canon" to my universe and that tend to run alongside Avatar canon.  A lot of these will overlap with what beckyh2112 has done, because we share characters and ideas and because she is generally awesome so you should read her stuff or the owl will eat you.

Nakama Trilogy
Alternate universe fic; ignores everything after 3x14 (The Burning Rock), which still had yet to air at the time of completion. What the HELL, Nickelodeon?  Part of a self-contained universe.

  1. Blood Lines: A young child from the Fire Nation colonies stumbles across the Gaang and is swept along for the ride, eventually coming to hold an adult's job as personal assistant to Firelord Zuko.  COMPLETE.
  2. Blood Ties: Five years after Blood Lines, an attempt is made on the Firelord's life by a group of fanaticals who want to restart the war...  COMPLETE.
  3. Blood Bond: Eight years after Blood Ties, Healer Leilani discovers that the near-death experiences of the Firelord's youth have finally caught up with him...  ON HIATUS; master file lost.
  • Nakama Gaiden: Quick stories that explain some of the mysteries of the Nakama Trilogy, such as how Liàng came to meet Iroh and how Ba Sing Se was liberated.  ON HIATUS; master file lost.
  • I'll Take Care of You: The story of two young children from Ba Sing Se. ON HIATUS; master file lost.

50 Sentence Challenges
Exactly what it says on the tin.  ALL LINKED CHALLENGES ARE COMPLETE.
  • What Could Have Been: OC-centric using Ichiro, Kouji, and Yui.  Because I love them.
  • Protector: AU, Song-centric.  Takes place in the same universe as Time and Tide by BeckyH, but splits off into its own thing because I am on the special crack.
  • Ice Lord:  OC-centric with my waterbender OC from the North Pole.  Hama isn't the only one who discovered bloodbending... 

Basttal: AU.  In the Earth Kingdom, Iroh is adopted by a catsquirrel who isn't at all fond of Zuko.  What they don't realise is that they've met her before -- she is a shapebender, and none other than the doctor who treated Iroh for White Jade poisoning and who Zuko robbed...

C'est La Vie: Three colony children are brought before Firelord Ozai: a firebender, an earthbender, and a nonbender.  Ozai elects to adopt the trio, making them his own and raising his number of heirs to five.  Obviously, this leads to some changes - some larger than others.  Challengefic.

Chained Stone: AU. Captain Liu of the Dai Li is captured in Guoyin and sold to farmers in New Sozin as a slave.  There, he meets the children of his new owner.

Dependent: AU.  The orphaned daughter of a Dai Li agent has gone missing, and they have been ordered to find her. COMPLETE.

Fool for Love: Spoilers for 3x14-3x15. After hearing the tale of Sokka and Zuko's escape from the Boiling Rock, Haru is touched by part of the story and decides to fix that problem.  ABANDONED.

Head Games: A refugee child in Ba Sing Se is found somewhere she shouldn't be by a Dai Li agent. This proves disastrous for her and her brothers, as they have a secret: they're all from the Fire Nation...  COMPLETE

Interrogation: Azula promised that she would see Zuko on his knees in front of Song if she told the princess where he was, but Song has other ideas... Song/Azula.  COMPLETE; NWS

Irregularity: AU. Ichiko discovers she has a bun in the oven.  GENDERBENDING YUJIRO

Lightning at Sea: An alternate universe wherein the Water Tribes are aiming for world conquest, rather than the Fire Nation. All your favourite characters will be in here, as well as some OCs scattered throughout to help the story move along.  A joint effort with Becca.  ONGOING.

Matching of Wills: AU.  A captured Yù Lài is taken before Dragon Emperor Azula.  FICBIT.

Roulette: AU. After the theft of her family's ostrich-horse, Song decides to track down the two men responsible, and stumbles across a fragile boy in dire need of help. This chance meeting touches off a chain of events that leads Song to the capital of the Fire Nation just as the final battle is ending, where her skills as a doctor are greatly needed. Just when it seems as though life is settling into a comfortable routine, however, the Dai Li start causing trouble -- and nobody knows who is pulling the strings...  ON HIATUS; master file lost.

Shadow of the Moon: Jin receives unexpected help when fleeing Ba Sing Se (Jin/Yue)

Small Flame: AU. Closely follows the events of the show, but with one major difference: A young boy is added to Zuko's retinue. Story is largely from his point of view. ON HIATUS, outside interference

Soldier's Boy: AU.  During an encounter with pirates, the gaang picks up two new allies: A swordsman named Lee and his younger earthbending brother, Jiro.  The sons of a Fire Nation soldier and a woman of the Earth Kingdom, they both seem quite willing to help the Avatar and his friends - but both of them are hiding things, from the Gaang and from each other.  ON HIATUS, outside interference

Storm-Tossed: AU. After a storm, a Fire Nation boy washes up at the North Pole.

Sweet Offerings: AU. A phoenix is plaguing Three Volcanoes Bay; before her fellow villagers can choose who will be sent to appease it, one girl decides to do so on her own.

平衡帶來(Píng Héng Dài Lái): Roughly 600 years after the end of Sozin's war, five unlikely heroes are gathered together in order to stop the misguided Avatar from destroying civilisation in order to bring about balance. Co-written with Eleanor and [info]gg_cronoON  HIATUS pending rewriting

Chrono Trigger

Mirror: Magus has a lot of time to think while in Antiquity.

The Dresden Files

Earth Shake: Morgan is called to Chicago to deal with a rampaging elemental, and finds more than he expected. WARNING: OFC, musical theatre, hints that Morgan has actual human feelings. Co-written with [info]tigerkat24.

Mob Job: A series of ficlets and character studies of those employed by one Gentleman Johnny Marcone. Warning: Fenrir Sullivan. Some chapters co-written with [info]tigerkat24

Golden Sun

Quest For Retrieval: Alex is alive, though he can no longer use his Psynergy. Now he's on a quest to get his power back, and he needs four Adepts of each element to do it. Unfortunately for him, Saturos and Menardi are also alive. And they're not happy with him...  ON  HIATUS pending rewriting.

The Matrix

Time of the Turning
: This is a story of the first Exiles.  This is a story of the first rebels.  This is a story of the first One.  This is a story of how  the lives of these characters all intersect one another from start to finish, leading inexorably to the awakening of the One... Co-Written with Quietly Making Noise.  ON HIATUS for massive editing.


Trample: Jim attacks a Team Aqua grunt for abusing his Pokémon
Black and Pink: (Working Title) After five years of separation, two friends meet up again and decide to travel together for old times' sake. Little do they suspect that they will be swept up into a web of intrigue, betrayal, eco-terrorists, and Team Rocket.  ON  HIATUS.

Sailor Moon

Blue: Minako dreams of an enemy.

Dark Kingdom Reborn: As it turns out, Jadeite's not quite dead. In fact, he's gotten better. And he's got some new allies.


Bleach White: Harry discovers another variety of wizard -- and it turns out Morgan is one. Sort of. BLEACH/ Dresden Files  COMPLETE

Magicbending: Haru, Teo, and Zuko are accidentally Portkeyed to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hilarity Ensues. Avatar/Harry Potter, obviously.  ON HIATUS, outside interference

Seperation: Returning to his ship after the fiasco with the pirates, Prince Zuko stumbles across the body of a boy in the river. Quickly it is determined that the boy is alive, but that something is terribly wrong... (Avatar/His Dark Materials fusion)

: A simplified version of how two unlikely lovers got together. Dresden Files/Sailor Moon.

Time Travel Index: This crossover focuses mainly on those from the Black Moon of Nemesis, the villains of Sailor Moon R. The main character is Saffir, with appearances from the Sailor Senshi, Harry Dresden, and Karrin Murphy. This is also a collaborative work, featuring myself, GG Crono, Kat, and Mina. There is a featured romance with an unusual pairing: Saffir/Minako. If that isn't your cup of tea, this probably isn't the fic for you.

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