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March 23rd, 2010
04:07 pm
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Untitled Slave'verse Ficlet
Exactly what it says on the tin.  Please enjoy.


Ichiro paused on his way toward the bath.  "Kouji?"

His little brother didn't even look up from his scroll.  "Hm?"

"What's going on?" He didn't bother to keep the incredulity out of his voice.

"Mi-Cha is combing my hair," Kouji replied in a this-should-be-obvious-even-to-you tone.

Ichiro's eyes swept over his brother and the little girl seated behind him.  Both in green, of course; Ichiro still resisted wearing Earth Kingdom colours but Yui and Kouji had no such compunctions.  Mi-Cha wasn't wearing her usual fare today -- at least, Ichiro hadn't ever seen her in the long tan skirt with the high-cut green jacket before.  Kouji's clothes were cut for summer -- in fact, Ichiro realised, they were cut exactly like his Fire clothes, only in green.

Black hair fell loose just past Kouji's shoulders, and little Mi-Cha was industriously running a comb through it.

At length, Ichiro said, "You don't let Yui comb your hair."

"Mi-Cha doesn't pull," Kouji replied primly, grey eyes shifting from paper to Ichiro.  How could Kouji seem so adult and so childish at the same time?

Mi-Cha whapped him lightly on the head with her comb.  "Don't move," she ordered him.

Ichiro rolled his eyes and went to wash up.

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