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2/22/08 12:13 pm - I thought I was rid of you

I finally move and get away from my little town of drama where i was the lowest rung on the ladder. Not to mention the home of a once good friend that took a lot away from me and copied my very image made it his own and took all credit.

I moved I have a new love and haven't seen anyone from that hell hole of a town it was finally over the chapter in my life was done. Well I had to get a message from him once again witch he must be getting really desperate after my ex broke it off with him only dating him to make me mad witch it worked for a bit then I was like who cares and she left him. Now since she was the only person he had hes trying to come back to me and my friend. More like graveling.

It would be amusing if it wasn't sad well I was like ok whatever and click his message to his site. Then thats when I was pissed. Once again he took something I created and he hated it but he took it and then became what I was. When I left he knew the music I like the style I lived down to the blue hair I wanted but hated it, now he lives it. Be original for once in your life you have copied from famous comedians to me and Todd man your brain must be lacking.

Now well I dropped that set and been working on another little project one he has no knowledge about and I have dived into a spot i have resources that hardly anyone can get he copies that so help me every God and Goddess to not hurt him or even worse.

Get a life and your own not mine. Your own gf because this time mine hates you beyond any measurement that I can find and seeing as Todd already told you off looks like you have to find your own friends to and by ridding you once again you have no one to copy an image from.

Better yet just fade away into the background you would make a good piece of art to throw darts at.

2/14/08 02:12 am - Paper Roses

Well I worked on making a gift forĀ [info]pixie_dust and decided to post something here about it. Romance is not dead and it only takes a little work to show that you love someone.

One Look
One Smile
One Touch
One Embrace
One Kiss
One Love
Two People
Two Minds
Two Souls
Two Destines
One Road
One Journey
One Ending

Was written on the heart to seal up our life in a meaning. We are two people but we walk the same path and will get to the same place at the end of the road together.

Each rose is a qoute that I found with meanings that signify our relationship

Rose 1 - Love isn't blind, it just sees what matters - To look past every flaw, your looks, your clothes, to just see what you are inside to real you that can;t hide but only show what you are and the only thing that matters is your heart and soul.
Rose 2 - Love is a moment that last forever - Time could stand still and feels like it when around and even when the clock ticks past it's time we will still be holding hands locked in a love that will last till the end of time.
Rose 3 - I will love you till the last rose dies - Everyone knows this story and the paper roses will not die so I guess I am here to stay. I love you
Rose 4 - Love the key that unlocks the bars of imposibility - Nothing is imposible and we already broke things we thought where not possible one being we are together as a perfect person with eachother.
Rose 5 - The world may see one person, but to one person you may be the world - Your my world, life, and soul are linked to me living, I can;t see walking a road alone without us hand in hand. Maybe no one sees what I do but they are not in love either.
Rose 6 - Love is like a mountain, hard to climb, but once you reach the top the view is beautiful. - Everyone has their hard times but I will tell you the view is so beautiful up here overlooking everything.

Love is a great thing and I hope hearts are filled with it this Valentine's Day

2/10/08 02:43 am - Demonic Freak

Well my gf Pixie_Dust now has her tongue pierced and I have been wanting mine even though I am one not to care for needles but if it continues to freak out my mom and people I will end up getting that and a labret piercing and I am sure a clear spacer will hide it enough to get a job just blend in with my beard. Then after that maybe a few tattoos, if I can decided on what I want.
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