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User:demonic_painter (17034)
Demonic Creations
Inner Sanctum
Location:Ohio, United States
Bio:I guess the best way to describe me is an oddity, ranging from clothing from Hot Topic and Steve and Barrys and just throwing them together with a tophat to top it off. Only have my ear pierced but planing a tongue ring like my gf and a labret. I sketch or attempt to and bring some of my ideas to life and write a patent for one crazy idea I have, just for a rainy day. Oh and I love Halloween, witch I guess stems my creativity on my ideas. Normal I doubt I can even be in a class that people have labeled. I am just me what else is there to say?
Interests:24: art, blue dragon, bullet witch, dead rising, devil may cry 4, engineering, final fantasy, flcl, gaming, gantz, halloween, my chemical romance, oblivion, ozzy, paganism, piercings, pixie_dust, psychology, rping, seether, static-x, tattoos, techno, writing
Mutual Friends:1: pixie_dust
Member of:1: dear_you
Account type:Early Free User

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