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butterflies and hurricanes ([info]doodles) wrote,
@ 2019-02-02 21:10:00

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Current mood:tired
Current music:savior | 30 seconds to mars
Entry tags:!public

extended info.

dem, demmy, juri, whatever you want to call her. age is just a number. high school senior; that took way too long. socially awkward. tree hugger. spends too much time studying. ;adjk;g;g. wants to backpack across europe. bored always. lazy overachiever. has a half a direction in life. needs to be within two hours from a coastline. wants to learn german or italian. swears a fuckton. sees beauty in chaos; messy rooms are an exception. fascinated by dreams.

♥: drawing. painting. photography. photo manipulation. pottery. friends. abstract art. short stories. architecture. furniture. final fantasy. writing. social sciences. greek mythology. british humor. ancient history. green tea. chocolate. interior design. radiohead. elephants. pandas. dogs. strawberries. tzatziki. learning languages. stephen fry. northern europe. ps2. japan. art history. haruki murakami.

[info]iam the kurogane of scribbld. [info]iam the zack fair of scribbld. [info]iam the antonio fernandez carriedo ( spain ) of scribbld.

livejournal; insanejournal; inksome.

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