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C.C. § I overcome space and time. ([info]eevee) wrote,
@ 2008-01-06 03:56:00

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Current mood: ecstatic
Current music:Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly by H.I.M.

!! 01 !!

001 ↔ No drama whatsoever. This should be pretty self-explanatory, though if you have something to take up with me, please IM me at Rafflesia Sky. I am online mostly all of the time, besides when I'm in school. I keep the lines of communication open so that you can either chat with me or confront me about something.
002 ↔ What I say in my journal is meant to be kept private. I don't want my entries to circulate with other people if it concerns them. I use this as a place to vent.
003 ↔ I absolutely loathe people who try to be something they are not. If you're one of them, then keep it out of my journal. Seriously, it isn't funny.
004 ↔ I rarely, if ever, have a friends cut. So, don't worry, I'm not going to do a mass exodus.
005 ↔ So you all know... I AM BISEXUAL. If bisexuality or homosexuality (I DO have gay friends) squicks you, then go back now. I don't tolerate homophobia by any means.
006 ↔ I use swear words quite a bit such as shit or fuck. Don't like, don't read, as I always say.
007 ↔ I am an agnostic so any discussion about religion and me, especially when you're trying to convert me to your religion is instantly terminated. Take that up with someone who isn't agnostic, please.
008 ↔ I'm generally nice! I may have my emo "wah wah i hate the world and wanna die" moments, but mostly, I'm all "life is goooooooood".
009 ↔ I am a very opinionated girl. What this means is that my opinions will differ from yours. Don't think that just because I have different views from you that it's okay to force your views on me. No, it won't work that way. I apologize for sounding like a conceited bitch, but I get enough of it during life's daily events, so if you're here mainly to bring up nonsensical shit like this, go away.

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