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Sam ([info]emerald_chaos) wrote,
@ 2008-09-17 19:51:00

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Current mood: calm

Sometimes when I'm bummed out and feel like reenacting my teen angst phase I'll say, "Nobody understands right now. Nobody knows how I feel and I can't relate to anyone on this."
And my little voice of reason will remind me that there's a song for every situation. Meaning: someone else was indeed in the same situation. The only difference is that they had the talent to stick their words together to form a song and then got rich from it. Go figure.

Are you taking this in, am I wasting my breath?
Did I ruin my chance, have you written me off?


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2008-09-18 01:02 am UTC (link)
That is very true and I never looked at it from the musical standpoint though perhaps I should. *hugs*

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2008-09-20 03:15 am UTC (link)
It's actually a little sad when you think about it. None of us are as unique as we first suspected.

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