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endlessnameless ([info]endlessnameless) wrote,
@ 2008-05-30 17:35:00

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Current mood: sleepy
Current music:Radiohead - Creep

I passed the history exam, actually I did great, cos I got a 5 ( = A ) , 
and now I am wondering why was I worried so much.
Anyhow, this is not why I am updating.

I wanted to talk about movies. Because lately I've been watching many movies.
2-4 movies a day.
Ryan Gosling,  James McAvoy, Anne Hathaway, have became one of my favorite actors.
I read that many people don't like Anne Hathaway,
her problem is that she is different, I guess.
But she's an amazing actor, real optimistic too.
If you've seen Devil Wears Prada or  Becoming Jane.

Ryan Gosling, he has the most awesome roles.
His character in movies is always very interesting.
And its sort of the same, but thats what I like about him.
As artists and writers have their own handwriting,
so does actors. Not many of them, but he certainly does.

James McAvoy...
What can I say ? He is british!

Oh one more thing, I've fallen in love with zombie movies,
the ones with zombies that move really slow. It feels safe, hah.
Who hasn't, you need to see Shaun Of the Dead.
It's brilliant.  Also Hot Fuzz.
Not a zombie movie, but same actors, and pretty brilliant also.
I don't think those can be compared even.

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