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[13 Apr 2009|07:26pm]
ohaii. I really do apologize for being a terrible friend, I just want to let you all know that. I always forget about this personal journal because i'm always on [info]pirouette for communities... I might just move there this way I can read everyone's entries all the time, and not forget... in fact I think I might just do that.

OK so everyone go add me over there.

I'll already have you added :]

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[10 Jul 2008|08:42pm]
I messed up my last entry, lol. whatever i'm a doof.
i went to the beach today :] the end.
lets try this again...
baby pictures )
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[10 Feb 2008|05:50pm]


yes, another FRIENDS ONLY journal.
comment to be added, you won't regret it ;]
i'm pretty fly, so get to know me.

JOIN [info]harsh [info]equations [info]sinful
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